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Betrayal of Hope: Despair Beginning Havoc

Betrayal of Hope: Despair Beginning Havoc

Posted June 21st, 2020 by DaFooteur

by Dani
in Denmark

Chapter 1: The Ultimate Introductions


I open my eyes and feel a hard surface below me. I suddenly see someone standing above me. 

“Hey, are you okay?” they say with clear concern in their voice. 

“Yeah, fine,” I say. I can't see the person since my vision is still blurry but I can tell that it is a female voice. 

“That’s good. I wouldn’t want you to be hurt.” 

I sit up and my vision clears up. I see that I’m not the only one lying there. I also see where ‘here’ is. We’re on a beach of some sort. 

“Would you mind helping me wake the others up?” The girl asked me.

“Sure. I’ll help,” I tell her. 

“Great!” she says and rushes off to help more people. 

Now that everyone is awake I can finally see how many we are. 12 including myself. As I look around, they all look like they have been raised in different places. Some look like they’re from an island. Others look like they’re from the city. One even looks to have been raised in a rich family. But one thing they all have in common: none of them are normal. 

“Shouldn’t we introduce ourselves?” the girl asks. 

“Yeah, we should,” I reply. 

“Then I’ll go first, I guess,” the girl says happily. “I’m Akiara Tanaka! Nice to meet you!” 

“That’s a nice name,” I hear a male voice say. “I’ll go next. I’m Fumio Hayashi. I hope we can get along.” 

I look over and see a boy quite a bit taller than me. He must be Fumio.

”It’s my turn now!” a young voice says. “I’m Kaki Saito! It's really great to meet you all.” 

“You’ve got a very nice name. I’ll introduce myself next. I’m Daiki Mori. I hope we can all be friends,” a tall boy says in a calm voice. 

“Alright losers, it’s my turn now! I’m Makoto Suzuki. Don’t expect me to respect any of you losers,” says a boy in a very confident voice. 

“Well, he’s rude,” says Akiara. 

“I guess it’s my turn now,” Says a very short girl. “I’m Sai Maeda. It’s nice to meet you.” 

“I don’t know if this is the best use of our time, but okay. I’m Yori Ishikawa. It’s a pleasure to meet you all,” says a girl who somehow, despite having probably washed up on a beach, is chewing bubblegum. 

“Great. I guess I’m next,” says a boy who looks like the kind you would find in the horror section of a library. “I’m Kioshi Okamoto. I don’t know why we’re all here, but I’m happy to meet you all.” 

He’s right. Why are we here? 

“We’ll go next!” says two girls. 

“I’m Yoko Sakamoto!” says one of them. 

“And I’m Ruri Sakamoto!” says the other, “we’re identical twins!” They both say. I could see that they were proud of being twins. 

“I’ll go next. I’m Fudo Nakono. It’s very nice to meet you all,” says a boy with bandages all over his face. 

“Well. You’re the only one left,” Akiara says while pointing at me. 

“Oh yeah, sorry!” I said. “I’m Kaito Miyazaki!” 

They all seem to look at me weird. Almost staring at me. It takes a bit before I realize why. “I probably should have mentioned that I’m not a human. I am a robot created by professor Miyazaki. But don’t worry. I don’t have any weapons built in, so I’m kind of harmless.” I say awkwardly. 

“A robot?” Kaki said. 

“That’s awesome!” everyone says at once. 

I guess it is kind of cool.

If I could blush, I’m pretty sure I would. 

“We need to find out why we’re here!” Yori says. 

“There’s a house up there. Maybe we should go there," Fumio responds. 

“You’re right. That could be a good idea,” Yori mumbles.


Chapter 2: The Ultimate Mansion


We enter the house and are greeted by a little girl. 

“Hello. You finally made it. Took you long enough,” the girl tells us.

“Finally?” Akiara says with a puzzled expression. 

“Go over to that table and take your room key.” the little girl says, ignoring Akiara’s question. 

“Uhm, okay,” Fumio says and walks over there. 

We all follow him, since we have nothing else to really do. We pick up the keys with our names on a tag. 

“All right. Now go find your rooms and get settled in!” the girl says while pointing to a hallway. 

We all go down the hall and find rooms with nameplates next to them. I find mine and unlock the door. I push open the door and enter. It looks fit for a robot. A bed with electrical charging so I can charge at night. 

I find a note and read it. It reads: “Hello! Welcome to your own room. We recommend you lock the door at night or when you’re not there. If you look in the drawer of the desk, you’ll find your very own keycard handbook. It’s a digital keycard handbook, so of course we called it ‘The E-card!’ It was very expensive to make, so please don’t lose it! In the handbook you’ll find some rules that you must follow at all times. Please meet in the main room at 10:00 pm. In the drawer, along with the E-card, you will find a toolkit and a sewing kit. You may choose one and the day after that, the other one will be removed. Whichever one you choose may be used to your heart’s content. Make sure to check it out. Have a great day!” 

I look in the drawer and just as I expected, I find a toolkit, a sewing kit and the E-card. I choose to go with the toolkit. That might come in handy later. I look in the E-card and it says: “Hello Kaito! Welcome to your own E-card. Please take a moment to read the rules. 

Rule 1: from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am will be considered nighttime. Some areas marked with signs will be off-limits at night. 

Rule 2: no harm must come to the host.

Rule 3: you must not lend your E-card to others. Stealing is allowed but very much discouraged. The E-card can be used for access to most locked locations including the shower rooms and pool. 

Rule 4: new rules can be added as needed.”

I look up at the clock and it’s only 5:00 pm.


Chapter 3: The Ultimate game: Daily life


I explore the location and discover that we have a game room. I enter and see that Fumio and Akiara are there. I go over to Akiara and talk to her. 

“Hey Kaito. Do you remember something about an ultimate talent?” she asks. 

“Yes. I am the ultimate robot,” I say to her. 

“Oh, so I’m not the only one! I think we might all be ultimates. I’m the ultimate motivational speaker!” Akiara says excitedly. 

I choose to go over to Fumio next. “Hey Fumio. Do you remember having an ultimate talent of some sort?” I ask. 

“Yep! I’m the ultimate exam passer!” he replies. 

“I see,” I say and leave the room calmly. I continue and discover a dining hall. Not like I’ll need it, but good to know that we have a dining hall. I see that Yori is in here, inspecting the fridge.

“Hey Yori,” I say to her. 

“Oh, hey Kaito,” Yori replies. 

“Doing anything exciting?” I ask her. 

“The fridge seems very full. Safe to say we won't go hungry if we can’t get off this island. Speaking of getting off this island, I think that Daiki is searching for a boat of some sort,” she says calmly. 

“I see… Hey, so, Yori, do you recall anything about an ultimate talent?” I ask. 

“Hmmm… yes. I am the ultimate cashier and Akiara who was just here said that you were the ultimate robot. I also recall Daiki being the ultimate entomologist or something like that,” she says. 

“I see. I’ll be making my way around the mansion,” I reply. 

“Okay! Have fun, Kaito!” I hear as I make my way down the hall.  

I suddenly see a note on the wall. It has everyone's talents on it. It reads: 

“Every participant’s ultimate talent:

Akiara Tanaka = ultimate motivational speaker

Kaito Miyazaki = ultimate robot

Fumio Hayashi =  ultimate exam passer

Kaki Saito = ultimate child

Daiki Mori = ultimate entomologist

Makoto Suzuki = ultimate average human

Sai Maeda = ultimate Pokemon gamer

Yori Ishikawa = ultimate cashier

Kioshi Okamoto = ultimate reader

Yoko Sakamoto = ultimate identical twin

Ruri Sakamoto = ultimate ???

Fudo Nakono = ultimate unlucky human

Now that you know everyone's talents, go make friends!”

These are some weird talents. 

I go outside and I can smell the ocean. It’s kind of nice being here and I wouldn’t mind being here for a while, except for the fact that professor Miyazaki would miss me very much.

We need to get off this island

I hear a bell ringing and realize that it’s 10:00 pm. I hurry to the main hall and sit down in a seat marked with my name. 

The little girl appears on a table with no chairs. “Hello everyone! You may be asking yourself: ‘Where am I?’ And ‘Who are you?’ I’ll answer the last question first. I go by many names, but for now you can call me… Despair!” the girl says. “And now for the other question. The reason you’re here is to play a game. What kind of game, you may ask. It’s simple! It’s a killing game!” 

“A what?” Akiara says. 

“I’ll explain. You all want to get out of here, right?” 

We all nod. 

“Well, then you’ll have to kill each other! Yep, good ol’ fashioned murder is your escape. Once someone dies, you all have to go on trial! You need to debate and attempt to figure out who the killer is. If you all get it right, the killer will be punished and you all will stay here. But if you get it wrong, everyone else will be punished and the killer gets to leave,” Despair tells us. 

“What do you mean by punishment?” Makoto asks. 

“Let’s call them... executions,” Despair says in a calm tone. 

“EXCUSE ME?” Akiara yells. She doesn't seem very happy about it.

“Yep, executions. We can make anything happen!” 

Akiara breaks down and Despair leaves the room.


Chapter 4: The Ultimate Game: Deadly Life


We’re all currently lying in bed and attempting to fall asleep. We are all still pretty shaken about this whole thing. 

People wouldn’t kill each other… right? Murder is bad. That’s like the most basic rule of society… We’ll all be fine… right? 

I shut off. 

When I wake up, I decide to go to the dining hall to meet with the others and discuss our next course of action. When I show up, I count the others. Only 10, including me. 

That’s fine. They’re probably still sleeping

Next, Makoto comes in. Only Akiara is missing. 

We wait for about 10 minutes. Still not here. 20, 30. I’m starting to grow concerned and I say: “I’m gonna go check on Akiara!” I run to her room and knock.

“Akiara? Wake up!” No response. 

I open the door and a sight I had never thought I would see is suddenly right in front of me. Akiara’s cold dead body. I scream. Soon after, all the others arrive and see Akiara’s dead body. She has a stab wound in her stomach. I can’t believe that someone took action this quickly. 


Suddenly Despair appears in the door. “Oh my! It looks like a body has been discovered. Once 3 or more people have discovered the same body, it will be time for investigation and then trial!” She seems very happy about all this. 

We investigate Akiara’s room and find lots of things we could use as evidence. Using my E-card I am able to save the things and I now have a document of evidence I can use. 

After investigating, we make our way to a room with an elevator. We all enter and it starts going down.


Chapter 5: The Ultimate Game: Trial


We're all going down. As we head down, the atmosphere is way lower than when Akiara was here or even during the investigation. I look through my evidence. A notable piece of evidence I found was a pair of broken glasses on her floor. Several of us have glasses and everyone seems to be wearing different glasses than they were wearing yesterday. 

Suddenly my E-card gets a notification. A new app has been installed. I open it and a message pops up: “Hey there! Welcome to the Despair files. Here we deliver some basic info about the body! It makes it slightly easier to find the culprit! Here’s the info about this case: Akiara Tanaka was killed at 11:30 pm. She was killed with a knife.” 

Alright then. About those glasses. We can’t rule out all the ones without glasses. Maybe the killer stole them from a room to direct our attention towards the people with glasses. Wait, how far are we going down? It’s pretty fast, but we’re still going down

“Guys. Don’t any of you wonder how far we seem to be going down?” I say to break the silence. 

“Yeah. It’s pretty fast, but we still seem to be going down. We’re gonna melt at this point,” Yori says. 

It finally stops and the door opens. We go out and find a circle of podiums. 

Wait. They’re all floating! This must be some technology with magnets.

“This one is mine!” Kaki says.

I notice that they all have a name tag. I go up to my podium. 

“Welcome to Despair island's trial grounds!” Despair says. She is sitting in a seat very high up. “We are going to have our first ever trial! Go on and debate to your heart's content!” 

We all prepare our E-cards and begin to debate. 

“I bet it was Kaki who killed her! Her loser self thought she could just point her fingers at someone else and we’d all believe it!” Makoto says immediately. 

“You can’t bet on that already!” Yori replies. 

“Says you! You’re probably the killer!” Kaki yells.

 “No, that’s wrong!” I yell. “Yori Ishikawa was in the game room until midnight! Half an hour after Akiara was killed!”

“And how do you know that?” Kioshi asks.

“Fumio was there as well! I know this because he told me. Yori and Fumio can both confirm each other’s presence in the game room!” Daiki says quickly. 

“And that is the reason both Yori Ishikawa and Fumio Hayashi are innocent!” I say.

“Correct. Kaito, it’s like you read my mind,” Daiki says to me with a smile.

“Well, now we need to find the real culprit,” I say.

“Wait. There were broken glasses on the floor of Akiara’s room and we know she didn’t wear glasses. Let’s just say the culprit wears glasses and rule out everyone else!” Kaki says.

“It’s a dumb decision, but we could try it!” Daiki replies. 

We debate for several hours and I finally figure it out piece by piece. “I figured it out!” I announce to everyone.

“Explain,” Daiki says. 

“Alright. Akiara was originally the one planning to kill the culprit. She invited them over and for some reason they accepted. When they arrived, Akiara came with a knife and attempted to stab them. The culprit grabbed the knife and, with their free hand, pushed her away. They then chased her around the room. They caught her and they struggled. They  attempted to kill her, but she of course struggled. In the struggle she knocked off their glasses and they shattered on the floor. In anger they striked her left wrist and it broke. They finally got her against the wall and, being disoriented after losing their glasses, they hit her in the stomach instead of her heart as they planned. She still died and the killer looked in shock at what they caused. They rushed to the shower room and to confuse us even more, they used the victim's E-card and entered the victim's shower room instead of their own. Afterwards, they went to the trash room in the basement. The trash room has a furnace. They burned their bloody shirt. They didn’t see that there was a small scrap left on the floor. They then left the scene with a sigh of relief. That’s what really happened!  Am I wrong,  Makoto Suzuki?” 

As I conclude my talking, everyone is staring. Not at me, but at Makoto, who looks very mad. 

“Shut up, loser! I’m innocent I say! Innocent!” 

“All the proof points to you!” Daiki says. 


“Sorry mate. Rules are rules,” Despair says. “Now it’s VOTING TIME!” 

We all collectively vote for Makoto. I don’t know, but I think he votes for me. “Alright, the one with the most votes is… MAKOTO! Now, using everything we’ve got, it’s PUNISHMENT TIME!” Despair happily says. 

Suddenly a metal collar on a sort of metal leash grabs Makoto and lifts him upwards.As we watch on a screen, he is strapped to a pole and fire is lit below him. He seems excited, as if he wanted to die like this. Suddenly the ground below him disappears and he lands on a road. He is disorientated and is hit by a car. The screen fades to black and leaves us all staring.


The Ultimate Game: End

surviving members: 10

lost in the ultimate game: 2


Chapter 6: Old Blood, New Blood, My Blood: Daily Life


We’re all pretty shaken about the death of Akiara and Makoto. The talents of the dead have been crossed out and the atmosphere is sadder than ever. We’re all sitting in the dining hall and talking about what we should do next. “I don’t think we’re ever getting out of here,” Yori says. “Stop with that sad attitude! We’ll get out of here together!” Kaki says. 

“You’re even better of a motivational speaker than Akiara could ever dream of being,” Hoshi says with his head on the table. 

The clock strikes and it’s 11:00 pm. 

We all leave the dining hall and split up. Yori, Daiki and Fumio choose to go to the game room. The rest of us go to Sai’s room and talk about escaping for a while. 

“I know we can escape! Together!” Kaki says. 

“I like your attitude,” Sai replies. 

We talk for even longer and eventually it’s midnight. I go back to my room and get ready to recharge. 

Before I get into bed, I see that there’s something on my E-card that wasn't there before. It shows everyone's ultimate talent and what they like and dislike. I only take a quick glance at it before closing it, but that glance was enough to find out why Akiara acted as she did. She really dislikes rude people and Makoto definitely falls under that category.

I think a bit more about what we’re gonna do next. 

No one else is gonna kill another person. If they do, then they’re an idiot and deserve to be punished. We all get along with each other pretty well. I consider them my friends. I hope they do the same. 

I sit down on my bed and try to reach out to professor Miyazaki. I get no signal. 

You can’t give up, Kaito. You have to reach him. You don’t have a choice! 

I still don’t get a signal. 

I give up and just lie down.


Chapter 7: Old Blood, New Blood, My Blood: Deadly Life


I’m lying in bed and hear what sounds like a faint thud. I ignore the noise and shut off. 

I wake up to a scream. 

I run to where the scream came from and see before me the most horrible sight ever: Daiki’s body on the ground with blood splattered everywhere around him. 

We all look at the body and freak out about the fact that someone else was killed. 

Despair appears and says: “Oh my! Another body so soon? Looks like we’ll have to get in another trial soon. I’ll give you about an hour to investigate and then we’re going to the trial.” 

We all frantically search the room and I discover a bloody dumbbell. 

I guess that’s how the victim died. 

I search around even more and discover a hair tie. 

I guess we could tie this back to the killer. 

I walk around the whole mansion and discover bloody footprints that suddenly stop in the middle of the hall. 

Suddenly I hear a scream pretty far away. Even though it was far away, I recognize that it’s Yori’s voice and run down to the beach where it came from and see Fumio. Dead! He seems to have drowned in the ocean, since his body is wet. 

“Another body? Looks like this was a double murder! How exciting!” Despair suddenly says from behind us. 

“A what?” Kaki says with a puzzled expression. 

“A double murder! One culprit, two victims!” Despair replies. “So you get another hour!” 

We continue our investigation and I find a bracelet on the beach. We spend the hour searching and go back into the elevator. We go down as far as usual, but even faster this time. Once it stops, we all fall over. We all get up and reluctantly enter the trial room.








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Oh wow, this is really

Oh wow, this is really interesting! I can't wait to see what you do next with this. Do you accept constructive criticism?

"You see, it doesn't matter who we are, Sophie. It's what we do." ~Lady Lesso, The School for Good and Evil

Posted by IllegalSparkles on Mon, 06/22/2020 - 06:18
thanks for the comment! I'm

thanks for the comment! I'm not exactly sure what the bottom part means but I do accept constructive criticisim :)

Posted by Dani on Tue, 06/23/2020 - 08:51
This is based off of

This is based off of Danganronpa, right? Because all of this seems like it is from it, but just a fan fiction. If it is, I love it!

Posted by Elizabeth on Sun, 09/20/2020 - 20:33
Haha, yeah it is! My editors

Haha, yeah it is! My editors have no idea as Danganronpa is definitely not appropriate for my age but I love that type of stuff. I've created a way better version which will be posted soon so check it out :)

Posted by Dani on Sat, 11/07/2020 - 10:14

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