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Bitten Chronicles: Chapter 1

Bitten Chronicles: Chapter 1

Posted September 3rd, 2019 by Wolfpup_Angel

by Wolfpup_Angel
in Florida

                                                                                                 CHAPTER 1:


                                             There once was a abandoned little baby girl on a doorstep on a cold, winter nite. She had been left there for hours and should have been dead by the time the young women opened her door. She took the baby inside and took care of  the new baby and her little son too. By the looks of the girl, she seemed to be the same age as the young womens' own baby boy. The women picked up the girl and there was a little card noting the girls name....................................... And her name was Alisia. She grew up with the boy whose name she later found out when she was older was Jackson. Alisia and Jackson went to th same school but was made fun of because of her eyes. Jackson told their mother and The mom, whose name is Maryanne, bought Alisia contacts. She grew up and is now in 7th grade with her " twin brother".  

                " Alisia ,Wake Up!" Maryanne had said. Alisia was in her bedroom sleeping ad was now awake by the sound of her mothers' call to come down to breakfeast. Alisia got up and made her way to the bathroom to get ready. She locked herself in the bathroom the counted down; " 3...2....1....."  then came Jackson knocking on the door the same time usual saying, " Alisia hurry up, you've been in there for ages..... I've got to go really bad!" Alisia responded back with the typical," I legitamently just got here, go to the other bathroom!", she said. " But moms in there!", Jackson said. " Then wait because it's not my fault you get up later then me!!!!!", said Alisia. She got ready and opened the door just as Jackson said," Finally!, I thought you died in there!" " Haha very funny , now hurry up so we don't miss the bus." said Alisia.

          She had waited for Jackson at the table downstairs and they both ate breakfeast. " You two better hurry up cause the bus is almost here." said Maryanne, their mother. " Got it ."  said Jackson with his mouth full 0of cereal. " Chew with your mouth closed Jackson thats not proper ettiqeute." Alisia said. " Thats enough you two cause the bus is here." said their mother. At that moment Jackson and Alisia went rushing out of the house with their bags having said good bye to mom and left.

         " Don't forget your waterbottle again Jackson." said Alisia, For he had been losing his wterbottle at school ALL the TIME. " And you don't forget your contacts like you just did." said Jackson just to get back at her. Alisia was in the bus putting them on when she looked out the window at the next bus stop only to find some new 7th graders looking at her. She had been fixing her contacts when one of the boys from the new group of kids sat next to her. " Hi the names Matthew and we need to talk about something serious....." 

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