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Black Hole chapter 3

Black Hole chapter 3

Posted August 27th, 2018 by chicken123

by Ava
in Michigan

   I blinked. Everything was blurry. I blinked again, and my vision cleared. Then it all came back to me. The huge black hole, my mom and everybody I knew and loved getting sucked into it, and it vanishing before I could go after them. I sat up, and all of me hurt. My back was sore in several places, and it felt like it was out of place. I hated what I was about to do, but it felt like it needed to be done. I put both of my hands on my right side of my body, and twisted around as hard as I could. Crack! My back snapped and cracked in several different places. I grimaced, and did it on the other side. then, I layed back down, all of me throbbing. I was lucky I hadn't died, falling from twenty-five feet in the air onto the paved road. After a while, a thought came to my head. I was all alone. What would I do? Would I survive? Were there any other survivors with me? Would the black hole come back? It probably would. They normally do. 

   Rubbing my back, I stood up. What now? I thought. There was nothing for me to do. I turned around slowly, looking at all of the damage that the black hole had caused. On my right, there was lava, lava, and guess what? More lava. On my right, there was lava, but not as much. It looked like there was some grass and pavemnet to still walk on, but I'd have to watch my step. I turned to look at my house, aand what I saw, stabbed my heart. There was no roof on my house, and one side of it was a pile of crumbled bricks. I gasped, and went over to see how bad the inside was. Surprisingly, the bread that the chicken was eating, was still on the porch. I thought that was a little weird, because it weighed less than me. 

   I walked inside, and stood in the doorway. My house that I grew up in, was destroyed. The shelves were broken on the floor, the windows were shattered, everything that wasn't secure in the house, was broken on the floor. I grew up in this house. My dad used to bounce me up and down on his knee, and my mom used to sing to me so that I could fall asleep. My mom! She was gone, probably forever, and I was all alone. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. Everything that I loved, everything that I grew up with, and everything that was a part of me, was gone. I let the tears come, and I sat there and wept for all it was worth. I cried until the tears wouldn't come anymore. I cried until I was too tired to move. I sat there a while after I couldn't cry anymore, and thought of what I should do. It's not like I could "call my mom in a case of an emergency." Well, so much for cleaning the house today, I thought. I stood up, and walked up the stairs to my room. I looked inside, and all of these memories of my childhood came flooding back. Like the time where my mom was reading me a super funny bedtime story when I was sick, and we couldn't stop laughing. Or the time where my mom was singing to me to help me fall asleep, and my dad came in and started singing too. He was very off-key, but it was special for me.

   Suddenly I had an idea. What if I wasn't the only survivor? What if, the black hole vanished before anybody else could get sucked into it, too? This thought made me want to go and look for survivors, so that I wasn't completely alone. I was still standing in the doorway of my room, so I went in, and grabbed a backpack. I grabbed my twenty-five dollars I had saved, even though I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I grabbed a couple of flashlights, and a lot of batteries, and I still needed food and one more thing. I walked down the stairs (there was only like, three of them now, so I had to jump to the bottom), and searched the cupboards for food. All I found was a couple apples, a loaf of bread, some corn, and a box of crackers. I didn't know how long this was going to last me, but that was all I could find. I walked into my mom's room, and grabbed my last thing I needed. My dad's old swiss army knife. When I picked it up, I felt a tingling on the place that it touched on my hand, like a part of him was still here. I gripped it tighter, and walked out of the room, with a glance over my shoulder. Boy, I was going to miss this place, but I couldn't stay here forever. 

   I walked out onto the porch, and I saw the half-eaten piece of bread. Shrugging, I picked it up and put it in my backpack. Who knows? Maybe I would need it. The chicken probably got sucked up into black hole, because it weighed so little. Still, if I was starving to death, I could eat the bread.

   I zipped up my backpack, and started the long, and probably pointless journey to find other survivors.

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This is still so cool, my

This is still so cool, my gosh.

CC: "story" and "flashlight" are misspelled. The sentence before "flashlight" is a little nonsensical. 

Other than that, this is really great. Everything happened so fast, but her heartbroken reaction was well-written. 

I'll be looking for more of this.


Spero quod via tua est directa et quod tuum onus est levis.

Posted by *Snow* on Fri, 08/31/2018 - 17:24
Thanks so much!   I don't

Thanks so much!


I don't care if a reader hates one of my stories, just as long as he finishes the book. -Roald Dahl Writers live twice.

-Natalie Goldberg

Posted by Ava on Mon, 10/15/2018 - 08:30

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