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Black Hole chapter 5

Black Hole chapter 5

Posted October 15th, 2018 by chicken123

by Ava
in Michigan

   My feet dragged. My arms hung at my side. The stupid chicken even seemed whooped. It seemed like we'd been walking FOREVER. But we'd made progress. As we walked, I glanced up at the sun every now and then. It was disappearing, and fast. Pretty soon there wouldn't be any left, and we would be thrust into darkness. The chicken seemed to sense my thoughts, because it scrambled to stay near my feet. What was I going to name it anyway? "How about Bob?" I said to it. It bit my foot. "OW! Ok, maybe not. How about just Chicken?" It rubbed its head agaunst my ankle. Chicken it is then. We'd better get moving if we wanted to find other people. Who knows, maybe there was an animal that survived. My stomach growled. I didn't realize how hungry I was. The chicken was probably hungry too, so we needed to find food. Who knows what it would act like when it got hangry. I cocked my head. Chicken seemed to sense my htoughts, that it flapped its  wings, and ran on its tiny little feet ahead of me. Is Chicken a boy or girl I wondered? Well, I guess I'll know when it does or doesn't lay an egg. I would kill to have an egg. I shook my head. Time to stop daydreaming. I lifted my head, and saw that Chicken was still running. "Wait, stop!" I hollered. It didn't even look back. Chicken was my only friend, and now it's running away from me. It disappeared into a corn field on my left, and left a little tunnel where it ran. "Why!" I yelled into the sky. Talk about getting you when you're down. Why was everything so hard?  I looked up at the sun. Another piece fell. I don't have much time. If I'm going to leave, then I might as well go right now. Who knows what would happen when the sun goes out completely. I kind of wanted to wait for the chicken though. What if it came back and I wasn't here? But I had such little time. The chicken knew where I was before, maybe it'l find me again. I looked once more at the spot in the cornfield that the chicken ran through, willing it to come back to me. But it didn't. I had to continue by myself. With a look of determination and a little fear, I walked toward the dripping sun.

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