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Black Hole Chapter 8 (not done yet)

Black Hole Chapter 8 (not done yet)

Posted December 10th, 2018 by chicken123

by Ava
in Michigan

   "So, what did you do for fun? Before the black hole of course." I asked Harry. He shrugged, then said, "I took car of our farm, and my family. We never had that much money, so we had to work pretty hard." He looked the other way. I couldn't see hs face turn red. "But we got by." I didn't think that he wanted to talk anymore, so I squinted up at the sun to see how much of it had fallen off since we left the barn. As I looked, Some of it fell off. It was getting colder every day. Pretty soon, when the sun was gone for good, we wouldn't survive. We didn't have much time. 

   "I have a theory. What if the black hole wasn't a real black hole? What if it was something else?" I said. Harry shrugged and kept walking. Wow, he sure is talkative.

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