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Blackbird, Chapter Three - You're Calling Us Fugitives?!!

Blackbird, Chapter Three - You're Calling Us Fugitives?!!

Posted August 6th, 2019 by katchyboo

by IllegalSparkles
in The Dungeons

                      Chapter Three

                             You’re Calling Us Fugitives?!


Player One entered the room.

    ‘Have I missed anything?’

    ‘Not really.’

    ‘Good. My mom seems oblivious, but I know for a fact she’s a good actor, so she probably does know what I’m talking about. Let’s just hope she’s not working against us.’ 

    ‘So, uh… what now?’ Blackbird said.

    ‘I don’t-’ Shock looked out the window. He ducked down immediately. ‘Everyone down now!’


    ‘Shh!’ Shock put his finger to his lips. ‘They’re coming!’ Player One ran to her computer and loaded up a video game.

    ‘You two, hide!’ Shock and Blackbird scrambled into their hiding places. Blackbird was breathing heavily. She willed herself to stop. Calm down, she thought as she hid in a wardrobe. Calm down. There’s no point in panicking. The door to Player One’s room burst open and at least five people in suits and sunglasses ran in. 

    ‘Wh- Who are you people?! Why are you in my room?!’ They grabbed her and pulled her up from her chair and cuffed her. ‘What are you doing!?’ They pulled Shock out from his hiding place under the bed and cuffed him too. It was a matter of seconds before they found Blackbird as well. She leapt out of the wardrobe and took three of them down in a single kick. One of the remaining two grabbed her shirt collar, and, while she was distracted, the other cuffed her. 

    ‘And again.’ she said, rolling her eyes as the suited people led her downstairs. ‘Captured twice in one week. I’m off form.’ One of them raised an eyebrow at her, but didn’t say anything. They reached the bottom of the stairs to find Player One’s mother arguing with another, unfamiliar woman.

    ‘Ah,’ the woman said, looking over at the cuffed kids, in a very commanding voice. It wasn’t that she was trying to be commanding. She was just one of those people. ‘The… fugitives.’

    ‘Fugitives?!’ Blackbird nearly shouted.

    ‘I would shut up around now…’ Player One whispered. Blackbird ignored her.

    ‘We’ve spent most of our lives fighting against the most dangerous criminals in existence and you call us fugitives!?’ The woman raised an eyebrow.

    ‘It was difficult to find another noun. What do you want me to call you?’

    ‘I don’t know, kids? ‘Cause that’s what we actually are.’ she said. ‘And yes, I understand that was meant to be a rhetorical question.’ The woman sighed. 

    ‘Who are you?’ she said.

    ‘Excuse me, what?’ Blackbird said. The woman sighed again.

    ‘Who actually are you? Your real names. Where you’re from. And your codenames, just in case.’

    ‘Our real names?’ Shock said suspiciously. ‘Why do you want to know that?’

    ‘Because I need to know if you have any criminal records or things like that. I’m not going to tell anyone else, I promise.’ Blackbird was a little put off by the woman’s patronising tone, but she nodded at Shock to say it was okay.

    ‘Okay, fine. My name is Luca Russo. I’m from Italy and my codename is Shock.’ The woman nodded at Blackbird.

    ‘Alessia Ferrari. I’m also from Italy and my codename is Blackbird.’

   ‘Thank you.’ She nodded at Player One.

    ‘Savannah Miller. I’m from California and my codename is Player One.’ The woman nodded at the people in suits and they unlocked the handcuffs. The kids rubbed their wrists. 

    ‘Now, come with me.’ the woman said.

    ‘Uh, where?’ Player One asked uncertainly.

    ‘Where do you think?’ the woman said as she walked out the door. ‘To the Foundation.’



Blackbird, Shock, and Player One stared in awe at the state-of-the-art Foundation. 

    ‘Whoa,’ Blackbird said.

    ‘“Whoa” hardly does it justice,’ Player One almost whispered. The woman smiled.

    ‘I’m glad you like it,’ she said. ‘Now, I need you to tell me everything, and I mean everything, you know about the Spider Web.’

    ‘Wow, okay,’ Blackbird said. ‘That’s gonna be a lot of words.’ The woman smiled again. 


    ‘I look forward to that.’



    ‘The Spider Web is a ruthless crime organization.’ Blackbird said. The woman (who they learned was called Headmistress) nodded for her to continue. ‘I first became aware of them five years ago, when I was still in training with Luca and another girl called Aurora. One day, they just straight-up kidnapped us. This is going to sound crazy, but…’ She took a deep breath. ‘They brainwashed Aurora into being one of their agents. It just shows how cruel they are that they didn’t do that to me and Luca. They left me with the knowledge that my best friend would most likely try to kill me if we met again. And they threatened Luca that they’d make me forget him if he didn’t join. They did it too…’ She looked down and continued. ‘Just a few days ago they captured me again. They tortured me, but Luca helped me escape. I don’t know how, but he managed to trigger my memories of him. And, well, here we are.’ Headmistress looked spellbound. ‘Do you… believe me?’ Blackbird said in a tiny voice. It was hard not to be intimidated by her.

    ‘Yes. I do believe you. And it means that they have the means and the reason to take over the world.’ Headmistress was pacing now. ‘And we have to stop that.’

    ‘Wait, we?’ 

    ‘Yes. I think we would work well together. And I trust you.’ She stopped pacing. ‘It’s not very often I say something like that.’ Blackbird glanced at the others. They nodded.


    ‘Yes. We accept.’



    ‘Now, to business.’ They were sitting around a conference table. ‘For your first mission-’

    ‘Um… Can I make a suggestion?’ Blackbird said nervously.

    ‘Of course.’

    ‘It’s just that… I mentioned someone called Aurora… I was wondering if I could- I mean, we could - try to find her?’ Blackbird swore she saw a bit of surprise on Headmistress’ face, but it was gone in a flash. ‘She’s my best friend. She’s probably in one of the Spider Web buildings right now, I don’t know which one.’

    ‘There are multiple buildings?’

    ‘Oh, yes. One in every major city.’

    ‘How have they escaped detection all this time?’ Headmistress said, mostly to herself. ‘We have agents everywhere.’

    ‘That’s basically what they do.’ Shock said. ‘They only reveal themselves when there’s something they can get out of it.’

    ‘Okay then.’ Headmistress started to pace again. ‘I’m going to ask you three to tail her. Find out what she’s doing. Stop her if you can. And finally…’ She stopped pacing. ‘Try to get her to our side. Dr. Jones will give you your gadgets. And Player One, I have something you might want to see.’ Player One followed her out of the room and two other agents escorted Shock and Blackbird into the gadgets room. It was filled from top to bottom with devices on shelves and scientists testing new gadgets.

    ‘Wow, okay,’ Blackbird said. Shock nodded. A scientist walked over to them.

    ‘Hello!’ she said. ‘You must be the new agents Headmistress was talking about. Shock and Blackbird, am I right?’


    ‘Lovely! I’m Dr. Jones.’ She led them over to a table with a backpack and a purse on it and what looked like bracelets. ‘Specially engineered for you two!’ She gave them a bag each. 

    ‘No offence, but this looks like a purse?’ Blackbird said, examining the purse as if it would suddenly change into a normal gadget bag.

    ‘Yes, exactly! It looks like a purse, but inside it’s filled with gadgets. The clever thing is that all the gadgets look exactly like normal purse items, like, for example, a lipstick-shaped laser! Or a powder puff that’s actually an x-ray! And these bracelets-’ she clipped them on their wrists- ‘are actually grappling hooks. Just snap your fingers!’ Blackbird and Shock tried it out, and sure enough, a grappling hook unfolded into each of their hands. 

    ‘So this is actually a laser?’ Blackbird said, taking a lipstick out of her bag.

    ‘Yes!’ Dr. Jones said happily. ‘Indeed it is! And, this is awesome…’ she said very excitedly. ‘It also works as a lipstick! It’s only a laser if you press the button on the top before you open it.’ Blackbird stared at the lipstick.

    ‘Wow.’ she said. Dr. Jones smiled.

    ‘Thank you, Blackbird. Now, you two go report to Headmistress, okay?’

    ‘Okay. Thank you, Dr. Jones!’ They ran back to the conference room. A man in a suit was waiting for them. 

    ‘Headmistress is in the computer room,’ he said, pointing to the door Player One had gone through.

    ‘Thank you,’ Blackbird said as they walked into a room with a magnificent array of screens and keyboards. Headmistress was standing next to a chair, talking to whoever was sitting on it. She noticed them and whispered something to the person on the chair. There were sounds of clacking keys. All of the screens lit up with images of people all over the building.

Including them.

The chair turned around to reveal a smirking Player One. 

    ‘Just when I thought this place can’t get any cooler,’ Shock whispered in Blackbird’s ear. She smiled.

    ‘I guessed it was you.’

    ‘Yeah, it’s pretty cool.’ Player One said. ‘By the way, what’s the purse for?’ Blackbird took the powder puff out of the bag and clicked a button on the top.  

    ‘Come over here,’ she said, showing Player One the x-ray picture. ‘Not only a powder puff. It’s an x-ray. There’s also a lipstick laser and a bunch of other things.’

    ‘Whoa, okay, that’s awesome.’ They laughed. Headmistress cleared her throat.

    ‘Not to interrupt this… whatever it is, but we’re running out of time. We need to get going.’

    ‘Right, yeah. So where are we going?’

    ‘We’ve tracked Shark to Paris. Your job right now is to tail her wherever she goes. Try to corner her, get her to remember you. Player One, the earpieces?’ Player One handed Blackbird and Shock what looked for all the world like earrings. 

    ‘They aren’t actually earrings,’ Player One explained. ‘They let me hear you and you hear me.’

    ‘Good thing I got my ears pierced,’ said Blackbird, clipping them onto her ears. Headmistress handed them outfits. Blackbird’s was a jacket, a beret, a skirt and high heels (all black, of course). Shock’s was a blue shirt striped shirt and white trousers.

    ‘So you don’t look conspicuous. You can change in there,’ she said, pointing to two small rooms. ‘Quickly, please, we don’t know where she’ll go next.’ They nodded and walked over to the rooms. 

Uncertainty sure was disconcerting.


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I don't know if you already

I don't know if you already knew this, but this chapter is marked chapter 3 and the next chapter is marked chapter 2.



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I fixed it. This is actually

I fixed it. This is actually Chapter Three, I just messed up the parent thing

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