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The Blondes -Chapter 6-

The Blondes -Chapter 6-

Posted March 5th, 2013 by writerforlife04

by Halle
in New York

Hey guys! Yup, I'm posting another chapter! I know it's been a while, so the chapter is short because I wanted to get something in to keep it going. But, it's a very IMPORTANT chapter. Enjoy!


Hot tears streaked down my face as I ran outside, brushing them away with the back of my palms between sobs. I quietly sat on a bench on the side of the property, hugging my knees to my chest and taking deep breaths.
“Cammie?” A masculine voice caused me to look up for a split second, before burying my head in my dress again. I knew it was pretty childish to just hide from everything, but I honestly couldn’t face him.
“Please go, Theo. You don’t have to pity me.” I was surprised at how harsh my tone was, spitting out the words to him.
“What Sadie did to you was terrible, and I’m sorry.” Against my wishes, he sat down next to me on the bench. I sniffled, lifting up my head to see his worried face, wrinkles creasing his perfect forehead. A car pulled up to the house, and two girls exited the car, one a redhead and the other a blonde.
“Theo!” I cringed as Sissy and Shay sauntered over to the bench, looking stunning as usual in tight, body-hugging dresses. I expected Theo to leave, apologizing quickly before dancing back into the house with Sissy and Shay like I knew he wanted to, but he didn’t.
“Guys, can we have a few minutes? I’ll see you inside soon, okay?” Sissy agreed immediately, but Shay huffed, crossing her arms.
“Since when are you friendly with a Blonde?” She muttered, walking away. Theo put his head in his hands, and I watched him for a moment, the peaceful steady pace of his chest rising and falling and the way his eyes were focused on the ground in concentration.
“Cammie, you’re a great girl.” He began, and I sighed.
“It’s okay, I know where this is going. Look, I’m going home. I hope you have a nice night.” And I got up, and began to walk when I felt a strong hand on my arm.
“I’ll walk you home.” Theo insisted, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. We walked for two more blocks, before I couldn’t take it anymore. I whirled around and kissed him, square on the lips. As I pulled back, he looked shocked for a moment, before I pulled off my heels and ran, as fast as I could down the street, disappearing from his sight. Rounding the corner, I caught my breath, trying to make myself presentable for my mother so she wouldn’t worry.
“Mom!” I called into the house, smelling garlic. Scrunching up my face, I walked into the kitchen, where my mom stood at the counter, slurping pasta as she typed away on her computer. She had her black, thick-rimmed glasses on and her hair was pulled up in a messy bun, making her look more like a young blogger than a mom.
“How was the party, honey?” She asked, dumping the plate in the sink as she took a sip from her glass with red wine.
“Fine,” I said willingly, jumping up the stairs to my room. I missed home, and how Lilly would probably joke about how funny and stereotypical the Blondes were…I wonder what she would think if she knew I was becoming one of them. I threw my black dress onto the bed, tossing on cotton shorts and a hoodie, turning on my computer. I could really use Lilly right now, her positive attitude and the way she was always able to make me laugh. Logging on to Skype, I grinned when I saw she was online. I called her quickly, fixing my hair as I waited for her to pick up.
“Cammie!” She squealed, her hazel eyes gleaming as she played with her auburn hair. “How is the new fab life going? Meet any guys?” She babbled. I could tell she was in her bedroom, the blue walls covered in black and white photos she took herself, and her camera mounted on a tripod in the corner.
“Oh, I’ve met guys all right…” I muttered, putting my head in my hands. After a half-hour, Lilly knew everything, even about how I was almost a Blonde. Her face crinkled up, almost in pain when I told her, and she pulled away from the camera.
“Cammie, I have to go. Talk to you later?” She said, yet logged off without my response. I leaned back in my chair, tears nipping at my eyes. Crying over boys? Pointless. Crying over drama? Pointless.

You need to step it up, if you want to make it at Washington High. So, I whipped out my phone and called Sadie.
“Look Cammie, I’m sorry! Normally when a friend tells me that they like a guy it means that they want me to tell them that and…” I cut her off.
“It’s okay, Sadie. I need your help.” After ten minutes of describing a detailed plan, we eagerly hung up. Tomorrow morning, Sadie would come over to my house and give me a makeover, to show Theo what he was missing out on.



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Oh, mother of sanity... (my

Oh, mother of sanity... (my response to events)
OMPJ MORE OF THIS STORY! (my response to you posting)

Hey, so you're still gonna do the people transferring from the other school, right? And I love this story so much!
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Posted by Cyan Rain (TDC ... on Tue, 03/05/2013 - 18:23
O_O No. Bad Cammie. No


No. Bad Cammie. No Blondeness. PLEASE no Blondeness. DX

Anyway, awesome chapter! I shall wait eagerly for more :D


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Posted by Poison Ivy {Lena} on Tue, 03/05/2013 - 20:31
Great chapter :D Can't wait

Great chapter :D Can't wait for the next one!

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Posted by Epicness (Laura) on Wed, 03/06/2013 - 08:52

LAKJF:LAKJFSD:LKJSD:LFKJS:LDKFJ:DSLKJ!!!!! I think I'm addicted to this story.


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Posted by Ally Kat on Wed, 03/06/2013 - 15:12
Wow... This is so intense. I

Wow... This is so intense. I am in LOVE with this story!!

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