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blooming again {new series of poems!}

blooming again {new series of poems!}

Posted December 5th, 2017 by FrostBittenKitten

by fa la la la la la la la luna
in The heights

blooming again



here i am again

just to let you know

it's me

the girl who used to love you


here i am again

to tell you that i used

to think so highly of you


but now i know better

i've learned so much more

i'm different than you the girl you knew before


for a while i was blue

so achingly missing you

but now i am new

and i don't care what you do

so long as you let me be


i am a girl who was once so fragile

under the layers she tried to hide it

but now i am more open

no longer hoping and hoping

that you would maybe give me a call


after all of this time

no longer wish you were mine

i'm over the feelings i had

now that i have bled

my tears i have shed

i am finally blooming again

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