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The Body

The Body

Posted May 8th, 2020 by Olivinat

by Ryoko
in the Middle of Nowhere (Wisconsin)

the Body


                Luke opened his eyes. Today he and his friends were going to go exploring. He jumped out of bed. It was Saturday. He put on pants, a t-shirt, and socks. He ducked into the bathroom, brushed his hair, and went to the bathroom. When he was done he went and packed water, a granola bar, and other hiking supplies into his pack. He ran out, ate breakfast, put on his shoes, grabbed his pack, and ran out the door. He met his friends, Mark, Josh, and Patrick, at the park south of his house.

        “Ready?” Patrick asked

        “Ready as I’ll ever be!” Luke replied, smiling

        They set off down the lane. Later as they were walking through the woods, Patrick squinted and said, “What’s that ahead? It looks like a guy!”

        They ran to it and saw it was a guy. A dead guy.

        “What the heck? He’s dead! What does that mean? Is it an omen?" Mark worried

        “I don’t think so…” Luke trailed off, “it’s just… just… strange.”

        Patrick shivered, “who (or what) killed him? I don’t like the feeling that it’s going to happen to us! Let’s get out of here!”

        The boy ran away home.


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