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Book one in the Cave Chronicles chapter 4

Book one in the Cave Chronicles chapter 4

Posted November 7th, 2018 by chicken123

by Ava
in Michigan

   Jeremy chucked a white shirt against his bedroom wall. His suitcase lay open on his bedspread, with shirts and jeans sticking out of it. His mom came and stood in the doorway of doorway and frowned at all of the clothes everywhere. "Hi mom," Jeremy said. 

   "Why didn't you fold your clothes?" She ignored his hello. He shrugged and grabbed walked over to the shirt he threw at the wall. He picked it up and exaggeratedly folded it and put it in his suitcase. "Thank you," his mom said and left the doorway of his room. He picked up more clothes and folded them. He also had to get a toothbrush and things like that. He slowly put down the shirt he was holding. A whole summer in Cuba. Cuba. That was so far away. His mom wasn't even going with him. He was going to be all by himself. In Cuba. He was starting to think this wasn't such a good idea. But who knows, maybe he would find something out about his Uncle John. Maybe they were more alike than he realized. He continued folding his clothes and stuffing them in his suitcase.

   When he finished packing everything, he thought about what Cuba was like. Was the mansion like the mansions he's seen in newspapers and articles? Like the ones that kings and queens lived in? He was so deep in thought, that he didn't even realize the purple fairy slowly fly into his room and land on his bed.






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