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Book one in The Cave Chronicles: Jeremy and the Secret of Millow Chapter 1 and 2

Book one in The Cave Chronicles: Jeremy and the Secret of Millow Chapter 1 and 2

Posted July 30th, 2018 by chicken123

by Ava
in Michigan

Chapter 1   

       The Phone Call


Jeremy sighed. It had been four days since school ended for the summer, and all he wanted to do was go back. Jeremy was a smart kid, who was fourteen years old. Since he was smarter than most of the kids in his grade by a longshot, many people picked on him. There were two bullies in particular, who were a year older than him in 10th grade. Their names were Sam and Drake. The liked to tease Jeremy about all sorts of things. Things like how his hair looked, or what shoes he was wearing, or what his shirt said. Little things like this didn't matter to Jeremy, so he let it go.

Jeremy lived with just his mom. His dad left when he was seven, and he hadn't come back since. He always imagined his dad coming back home, telling him that everything was going to be Ok, and that he was here now. But for six years, that hasn’t happened. For six years, his dad was in California somewhere having the time of his life. He hasn't even met Lily, who’s six now, and had been born the day he left. he hadn't even known that his wife was pregnant. Over the years, Jeremy had just learned to accept the fact that his dad wasn't coming back anytime soon. But he still had some hope. He tried not to think of all the what-ifs of his dad coming back. He though that it would just make it harder for him. Instead, he kept himself busy with school.

Just as Jeremy was going to get his science book from his room upstairs, he heard the phone ring. He waited a few seconds to see if his mom was going to answer it, and when she didn't, he ran to pick it up. “Hello?” A very formal voice with a British accent replied, saying, “Good evening Jeremiah Black. I have called to inform you that your Uncle John has passed recently.” Uncle John? Thought Jeremy. I had an Uncle John? The voice on the other end of the phone continued, “He left you everything to you upon his… untimely disappearance. You are invited to stay at his beloved mansion, named Millow, in The Colorados Archipelago, which is one of the 4,000 islands that surround Cuba.” Cuba? Thought Jeremy. This guy is nuts if he thinks I’m going to Cuba! He put the phone down on the receiver, thoughts swirling around in his head like water. Who was the weird guy on the phone? He sounded like he meant business. How did he not know he had an Uncle John? Was it actually a prank, or did he actually get to stay in a mansion, on an island in Cuba, all by himself doing whatever he wanted? All these thoughts were making him dizzy. Oh! He had forgotten about the guy on the phone. He had hung up on him. He picked the phone back up and heard that the giy on the other side had hung up too.

Jeremy wrote down the number of the caller, and went to his room. He felt that this wasn't going to be a boring summer at all.


Chapter 2


Over the next two days, the same question crossed Jeremy’s mind. Who was Uncle John, and why didn't Jeremy know who he was? The more and more he tried to remember who Uncle John was, the more confused he became. If there were other people in his family that knew him, then why did he leave everything to Jeremy? A normal 8th grade boy? I think it’s time to give the weird british guy a call, Jeremy thought.

30 seconds later, Jeremy had learned that the weird british guy was his Uncle John’s butler, and that his name was Alfred.

“Can you tell me all about my Uncle John, and about how you came into the picture?” Jeremy asked.

“What would you like to know first?” Alfred asked.

“Everything.” Jeremy replied.


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