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Breaks in the Hall (Chapter Two)

Breaks in the Hall (Chapter Two)

Posted February 10th, 2017 by gavry3

by Ducky (Gavriel)
in The Planet Earth


By Gavry3 (2014)



It was the second day of school. Everyone knew the drill: If you see Judith, observe, report, and walk away. The teachers had their gear for when Judith can have a tantrum. Kids had drills on days when Judith was absent on what to do when she goes crazy. For now, the staff needed to fix Judith’s behavior because Mr. Herwitz believed she could change while all the other teachers disagreed.

‘’Homeschool!’’ one teacher suggested. ‘’Detention!’’ said another. But nevertheless Mr. Herwitz didn’t listen and had a solution of his own. He gathered all the staff (and Mrs. Weller) for a meeting and announced his decision of what to do.

‘’I’ll hire a counselor.’’ The whole room went silent. Everyone looked at each other, exchanging you-know-it’s-worth-a-shot looks. ‘’A counselor?’’ Mrs. Weller started. ‘’That’s crazy! She could be in there for the whole day, and for all we know Judith could be killing them!’’ Mrs. Weller looked distressed. She really needed help. ‘’I’ll set a camera just in case.’’ Mr. Herwitz said reassuringly. Nobody else had anything to say. If this didn’t help, they didn’t know what will. So they stuck with the idea and Mr. Herwitz started searching for the perfect counselor.

•                    •                      •

Judith was in her art class. Everyone was supposed to draw what they like and color it. Some kids drew flowers, sunny days, or themselves. Judith drew dinosaurs brawling in front of an erupting volcano, although that was barely what it looked like. She just started out with markers and scribbled. Class was almost over, and the art teacher, Ms. Antone, needed them all to hang up on the wall to showcase.

‘’Okay, I need everyone’s drawings.’’ Ms. Antone said. She collected everybody’s pictures except Judith’s. ‘’Honey,’’ she said’’ I need that.’’ ‘’No!’’ Judith shouted.




‘’Give it to me, please.’’ Ms. Antone nudged. Judith frowned. ‘’I need to draw more.’’ she argued. ‘’Then people can see it at my house.’’ ‘’Who’s gonna go to her house?’’ a student whispered. ‘’Right?’’ Ms. Antone whispered back.


‘’The point is,’’ Judith said confidently, ‘’I’m keeping it.’’ Right before she could say anything else, Ms. Antone snatched the drawing. ‘’WHY THE (insertchildfriendlyword) WOULD YOU DO THAT?’’ Judith screamed. In the 4th grade, this was considered profanity, and all the other classrooms heard her. ‘’We do not use that kind of language here!’’ Ms. Antone said. ‘’I’ll say whatever I want!’’ Judith snapped. She got on all of Ms. Antone’s nerves. All the kids ducked under their desks. Ms. Antone left the class with Judith and left all the kids in shock.


(Should I continue this story?)


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