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//Burning from the Heart// Expert

//Burning from the Heart// Expert

Posted March 4th, 2013 by BearWithAStrawberry

by bwas
in denial.


How unlike me.



Everything changes. Everything dies. Not all people get a happy ending. Happy endings are just what Hollywood pushes in front of us.  If everything dies...maybe it's time for me to go too.


         Bluejays swooped in from every angle on my watercolor paper. A bluejay is really what I'd like to be. No worries. they don't have to think about the Kordill race invading the planet.

         I tuck my paper quietly behind me, and reach out to catch a drop of sweat. If I make a single sound, the Kordill will detect it.

          One breath and I'll be sent to my demise.

          Heavy mechanical footsteps clunked down the hall. I could imagine them, rifling through my jewelry box, or banging the heavy steel cooking pots together.

          "Anna?" My little sister nudges me with her shoulder. I can see her wide eyes rippling with water, and her teeth are chattering.

          "Shh." I put a finger to my lips and squeeze her hand tight. The sound of mechanical breathing winds through the attic room. My little sister's hand tenses in mine. I can feel the tension in the Invasion Concealmentas my sister and close our eyes tight and hold our short breaths.

              The clock ticks with each passing second. "Anna. Are they gone?" My little sister presses her body to mine.

            "Shh, Sammy."

            Then I hear it.


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*eyes & mouth hang open for

*eyes & mouth hang open for about all eternity*
*seventy years later*
*dies of old age & epicness*
*dies again*

Then we need to unite
It's just a Game
A Gifted Game

Posted by Paperback Write... on Mon, 03/04/2013 - 22:33
/jaw drops/ *GLOMPS* Danke

/jaw drops/
Danke viele!!
It means thanks a lot........e_e...I think.
Thank you thank you!!!
.this means a lot to me!!

Every day, Tina and Mike's Asian fusion grows stronger.
– Artie

We’re as menacing as Muppet Babies.
– Kurt

One day you will all work for me.
– Kurt

Posted by Sunsets (S.E) on Tue, 03/05/2013 - 00:26

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