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Burst #14: A Spark of Color

Burst #14: A Spark of Color

Posted March 31st, 2013 by Cherrybomb

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by Cherrybomb
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Derp derp de durp deerrrrpp.....

Dunno about you guys, but it's my last day of spring break. D: I've still been busy this week with less time to go on Kp, practicing for a competition that was yesterday. So. Today is probably...the second or third time I've actually been on Kp this week.

And I actually wrote something, and sortof finished it. I don't exactly feel like going over it again or editing(believe me, I do enough of that during school days. ._.) so yup. Here it is, a tidbit of writing fresh out of the broken oven I call my mind.

By the way, dedicated to everyone who's ever commented on my stuff, or just been really awesome in general. :) I do hope to make individual dedications when I begin writing more. Whenever that is. :P

(oh and why does my writing always start out happyish and end up not so happyish D:)


Golden rays spread out from the tips of your fingers and toes, entwined with iridescent beams of silver. A splash of pink radiates from your smile, mixed in with the laughs of a giddy orange and giggles of deep red. As you laugh, the rain begins to fall down on you—transparent droplets that transform into a full midnight blue as they burst on your arms and legs and hair, a cascade of shimmering tears. They splash into the ground beneath your curled toes, turning the dull gray soil into a rich earthy brown, soaked with life.

You twirl in the rain, enjoying the delicious smells of the calm, soft mud, your hair flying about in mist of lemon yellow, your eyes sparkling the deepest of greens in their giddy excitement. You pause, and stumble in your spotted dizziness, and hold out a small hand towards the silver rainclouds above you, beckoning towards them with light blue innocence. The rain falls ever harder, and the mud sucks your feet happily into it’s bowels until you’re up to your ankles in it—but you don’t care. If anything, you’re even happier, sighing out a breath of gossamer turquoise in your smiles.

It swirls around you twice in a blur of water, and then spirits away, a small breeze spreading life in the world. You lay down the soil, your glowing grin never fading, and suddenly the rain stops. The silver clouds disintegrate into white sparkling dust, and the sky is open for all to see. A wonderful clear blue, as light as the dimples that dot your cheeks in scattered harmony, it smiles down at you as the sun is revealed.

It seems even prettier than everything else, an elegant and wonderful ball of fire, golden orange and parrot yellow— even dotted with bits of blinding white and glowing red. It’s beautiful.

Your smile of appreciation falters as bits of gray start to haze your vision, creeping over the corners of your eyes. You close your eyes reluctantly as sleep begins to take over, and you snuggle yourself in a shiver of fright, indigo waves coating your body in a light mist of fear. Then the dreams—no, nightmares— slide in on you, murky nightmare covered in infinite hues of grey, subtly shadowed with the darkest of crimsons. You frown as you slide deeper into sleep, your lips turning a sharp black in your unconscious horror.

You do not notice the world fading away from you, the sky turning into a rigid ebony, the full brown of the mud cracking into a dry grey, the sun crumbling into black dust, all trace of any beautiful color gone as even their grays and blacks fade away into a ghostly curtain. The world seems to drain itself of all color; even the air turns into a stale, empty void of nothing.

You frown deeper and roll to your other side with a shiver, all color gone from your face, curling in on yourself as if the world is collapsing on you in an avalanche of crumbles.

You do not know that it already has.

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Please humor my weird series

Please humor my weird series of GIFs expressing my emotions right now.



That was beautiful. That imagery was so poised and exquisite. The words float over you, delicious and beautiful. They darken and shapren and oh my gosh, that was freaking beautiful. Beautiful. I started crying. I don't know why, it's just something about the rain, the nostalgia, and depression that soaks you, how you dance and laugh in a beautiful storm, where you are its eye and nothing matters except your tears joining the rain, some bittersweet feeling engulfing you. You are an amazing writer. I've missed you. :)

My teacher told me people only used second person perspective in letters. Hah. You are awesome for defying the rules of learning. ^O^

Posted by Raindrops on Mon, 04/01/2013 - 16:26
*stares at GIFs entranced*

*stares at GIFs entranced* Pretty...:D XD *and lol despicable me minions fangirling XD*

I suck at replying(as I'm sure I've told you before, but whatever >_>) but I want you to know that every single bit of your reply means so much to me! :D You've made my day Rainy, *glomps*, you make me actually feel happy about my writing. :D Thank you thank you thank you times infinity! :'D I think I'm going to post something more today, you deserve it. :D (even though it'll probably suck and be rushed but whatever)

Really? O_O Huh. I use second perspective all the time, haha. XD I guess that's me, trying to bend learning in my own special way. I even tried inventing my own way to solving a geometry problem. Of course, I ended up failing miserably with that. >_>

Anyways, I'm confused. I checked your bio recently, and it said you left. D: And then I couldn't believe it, so I shut down my computer and rubbed my eyes and tried to forget it, and then I clicked on your bio again later and it says you're back.

I'm so cooonnnnfffuuussseeddd help meeee. D: *flails*


~~~Let it go....*~Burst~*~~~

Posted by Ratatoskr (Che... on Fri, 04/12/2013 - 13:22
... ... ... ... ... .........









I is in extreme shock.


That was just...too incredibly epik. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay too epik for my helpless mind O_O

CC: The title says busrt :D

~A daughter is stolen by the Monastery, sent to live in a place where she will never again see the daylight. But she's different...and determined to find out how to overthrow the Deedwriter and bring back her enslaved parents...Have You Heard?

Posted by EpicWriter on Mon, 04/01/2013 - 16:12
Aww, danke Laura! :D And no

Aww, danke Laura! :D And no your mind is definitely not helpless. *hands you lollipop* XD

O_O *facepalm* I need to fix that. XD


~~~Let it go....*~Burst~*~~~

Posted by Ratatoskr (Che... on Fri, 04/12/2013 - 13:23
WOW. That is positively

WOW. That is positively amazing. 

Posted by Claire on Mon, 04/01/2013 - 19:49
Thanks Claire!

Thanks Claire! :DDD


~~~Let it go....*~Burst~*~~~

Posted by Ratatoskr (Che... on Fri, 04/12/2013 - 13:24
CHERRY!!!! I love your

CHERRY!!!! I love your writing!!! I'm glad to see more of it. ^_^
The colors. They are beautifully described. Your description and the "sparks of color" are so palpable and so brilliantly amazing. I love every bit of this beautiful piece. And it doesn't matter that the ending is dark, because it is darkly beautiful and a perfect ending. Once again, I love it all. Faved. :D

~My madness does not fit in this signature. How terribly heart breaking! >:( I shall have to start my world domination plans earlier than expected... Wait you just heard that????? O.O

Posted by Rour (Ellie) on Wed, 04/03/2013 - 17:32
And I love your writing.

And I love your writing. ^__^ I mean sure, I'm all creeper like when i read, just reading your writing and not commenting, but it truly is awesome. :D

Aww, thank you sososo much Rour! *hugs* It means so much! :D

And lol your sig is just amazing XD


~~~Let it go....*~Burst~*~~~

Posted by Ratatoskr (Che... on Fri, 04/12/2013 - 13:26
Thank you! I shall just

Thank you! I shall just imagine that you comment. :)
You deserve every word :D *huggles*
XD Thanks. But now it has changed… :/

~"She's not by the beautiful storm, like an eye of the world anymore. She's in the dark. She's in the light. Where did she go? She's gone."~ Raindrops~

Posted by Rour (Ellie) on Fri, 04/12/2013 - 20:29
:[________________] How did


How did I not know you were this good of a writer.

This is amazing. The way you sort emotions into colors, the mood change, the description, the everything. I love this. I need to read more of your work. 8'D



Posted by camikat on Wed, 06/19/2013 - 16:19
Aww, thanks so much, Cami!

Aww, thanks so much, Cami! :D It means so much to me! ^_^ I should definitely read some more of your work as well. :D

By the way, that GIF is awesome. XD


~~~Let it go....*~Burst~*~~~

Posted by Wishing for the... on Wed, 06/19/2013 - 17:59
Haha, thanks. XD   ~

Haha, thanks. XD



Posted by camikat on Wed, 06/19/2013 - 19:58
Beautiful. In love with the

Beautiful. In love with the description and everything <3



Posted by Clover on Sat, 02/22/2014 - 13:37
Thanks, Clover!

Thanks, Clover! ^u^

*~Captured Dreams~*

Posted by Gaviidae on Sat, 02/22/2014 - 14:17

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