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Buttercup Chap I

Buttercup Chap I

Posted October 22nd, 2018 by mischief

by Cherith
in In the woods. Getting in trouble with ritzy people

Filly LN They were at it again. So loud the T.V. couldn't drowned them out. Brook slouched against the light pink couch. His eyes, not focusing on the screen, his ears unwillingly listening to his parent's 'disscussion'. He heard the door open. ''Brook your father and I need to speak with you.'' His mother's tone tremebled with anger. "What's up?" He asked, shutting thier bedroom door and helping himself to a chair. " We have some news for you." Randy going's sat at the edge of his bed. '' Were getting a divorce."


 Dad I got it!" Danny slammed his shcool books on the counter, and reached for a baby carrot. His father beamed, the dark circles around his eyes evporating. "That's everyone then." All four of the Greer kids, were forced to find a part-time job. "Not really.'' Mark Greer's eyes caught his oldest daughter's. The mint green eyes wouldn't meet his brown ones. "I was laid off today." Her chin tremebled. " We should start looking for a new one then huh cupcake?" He said, putting a arm around her slender shoulder's. ''Dad, if I don't get a job. Are we going to loose the house?"

Daven's feild Hospital Buttercup Greer frigited with her long dirty blound hair. " Thanks have a nice day bye." She ended the call. " I'm taking that as a 'no'?" A crisp nurse asked, a frown wrinkling her pretty face. Buttercup rolled her eyes. '' Yeah, pretty much." The nurse laughed, a week ago she had met the fifty- year old woman. Buttercup acted much like a teenager. She looked into those startling blue eyes. How much did she remeber? Just over a week Miss Greer was driving home from her son's place. She hadn't seen the truck stop at the light. " How long do I have to stay in this thing huh?" She patted the arm rest of the black wheel chair. " They didn't say anything?'' The old lady frowned. " Well, untill you can feel your legs. If you ever do.''

Filly lane " Ok, the good news?" It better be better then the bad news. '' I'm pergant." Pretty good, but not better. " 'Bout time." There was an awkared silence, and then. '' We have a punishment for what you did yesterday." Oh great. What this time? '' A friend reccomened a job a young man might do.'' " How much does it pay?" " It's not going too....


                                                                                                                                     The Greer house hold.

" What's for breakfast?" Ashton asked, Mrs. Greer. Ashton wondered if her mother hadn't heard or hadn't zoned in to her daughter's question. ''I found you another option. I think you'll like it sweetie!" Exictment sparked from within the light eyes. " What is it?" Mrs. Greer ran a hand threw her dark hair. " House cleaning for handicaped seniors. All you need to do is fill in a application and arrive at a seniors house. If you meet the home owners qualifcations, then you get the job.'' Ash, beamed with spotless people skills and a tidy attitude this couldn't go worng. Or could it.....?


Holly Springs appartments " Hello, I'm Shelly. The grinning nurse held out a welcoming hand to Randy. He shook it already savoring the idea of his only child being out of his hair. Shelly held her hand out to Brook, who smashed his hands in his pockets and looked away. His father laughed half out anger and half out of shame. " This is Brook he's sixteen. Lovely age am I wrong?'' Randy rambled nervously. He was surprised to see pity in the amber eyes. "I remeber sixteen.'' They said she wasn't there anymore. Suddenly she blinked and chuckled. " I know you'll just love Mrs. Greer, Brook. She's not your average woman. Here's a list of things you should know Oh! I forgot, on Fridays and Monday's the maid comes into clean. But I think that's all!'' She shook Randy's hand and was gone in a flash. Randy glanced down at his wrist watch. " I have a meeting. Remeber Brook if your unresponsible Miss Greer will suffer for it. Do not dissapoint me son." With those words he was too gone. Great baby-sitting a grandma for two hours. Walking from the driveway, were the quick meeting had just ended he rapped on the black door. " Ashton Greer." Ash felt the old woman's eyes look her down. " Buttercup. You must be the maid no?" Ashton let her eyes wander round the appartment as she answered. Scummy dishes stacked on the counter top, the floor need a good mopping and the windows were filthy. " Yes, do you have cleaning suppy's"? Just then, someone knocked. " Should I get it?" Ashton asked politly. " Yes." Ashton opened the door for a wickedly handsome smirking young man. " You can't be Miss Greer.'' Ashton couldn't help smiling.

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