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Cat High chapter two

Cat High chapter two

Posted September 5th, 2013 by reneebook

by EnderKitten(Renee)
in a magical land where I rule insanity.

Chapter Two:

The next day, I returned to school wearing a hot pink dress with black lace and black boots. When we got to lunch, the trio from yesterday blocked the entrance of the cafe, casting shadows in the hallway.

Nami and Kayla were behind Lexi, who had her evil grin on.

I gave my defensive look, I was ready to fight.

"Don't hurt yourself, child," Nami said in a kind-like voice.

I relaxed a little, and then my brain urged, "BULLY!!!!" I started to stiffen up again.

Kayla came for me, but Lexi held her back, still staring at us.

"Wait, why would someone hold their team back like that?" I thought.

Lexi laughed. "Oh, children. Relax, relax," she tried.

"None of your tricks are going to work today, Lexerhead!" I snapped.

"Lexi doesn't like being called names..." Penny murmured.

"Oops, wrong note," my brain told me.

Lexi snarled, and ran after me.

Nervous of what would happen, I kicked her in the stomach.

She meowed like a house cat as she was thrown into the air. She landed on all fours, her back humped up.

"What the? Has this girl turned into a cat, cat? What happened to tigeris Lexi?" I yearned to know the answer, but now I had to fight. Fight for your life, as my mother would say.

She ran for my feet, taking form a real cat, and no longer a tigeris.

I knew I should squash her, but dad says you don't kill for victory, you only fight for it. I jumped in the air as Lexi took shape of a tigeris again.

She showed her teeth, scratched and hissed.

I finally screamed, "What is wrong with you!?!?"

Now Kayla and Nami were angered, and Lexi's whole face turned red.

"A blue tigeris with a red head? You've got to be kidding me!" I thought. I couldn't fight all this power at once.

Penny and Rosy finally came to help.

I thought the fight would never end, but our team eventually won by default, because Rosy did something amazingly incredible and the beastly trio sprinted away.

At lunch, Rosy and Penny explained to me the powers of the beastly trio.

"Wait, powers?" I ask.

"Yes, everyone has a special power. Even you. You'll figure it out soon, but back to the trio."

When she said that I had a power, I got lost in thought. Luckily, I was able to snap out of it in time.

"So, as I was saying," Rosy went on. "Lexi's power is to take over other tigeris’ and tigerin's minds. Tigerins are male tiger people. Nami has the power of wisdom, but she doesn't use it often. And Kayla, she was born with strength."

I thought about it. It sounded weird but I knew it was true.

Later, I found out that Lexi sits in the opposite side of the science room from me. She gave me a ton of mean looks, but of course I ignored her.

We learned how to cut the thorns off a rose with a rock and how it worked.

Rosy sat at the back of the room with me, since we are two of the eight tallest students in class.

Lexi wasn't short, but everyone was really tall and she was just a bit smaller than everyone else.

I tried to stay focused and avoid the blue-green tigeris, still up there trying to distract me. It didn't go so well for her because everyone was blocking me from seeing her, and that made her frown and frown all afternoon. So she just finally got out of her seat and crawled beneath the desks without anybody noticing.

I watched her until she came over.

The teacher, Mrs. Adams, noticed that Lexi was out of her seat. She looked at the crowd of children and I pointed to where Lexi was on the floor, pulling on my tail. Mrs. Adams gasped. "Why, Lexi!" she exclaimed. "Why would you ever do such a thing?"

Lexi popped her head up and dropped my tail.

I raised my tail, and showed Mrs. Adams the red stripe. "She turned my stripe red," I pointed out.

She looked at my tail and said, “Hmmm, I want you to go to the nurse. Ok honey?"

I nodded.

"Well, it seems that your tail's blood circulation has been cut off. You just have to wait a while for it to start flowing properly again," Ms. Seams, the nurse told me. She was a beautiful tigeris with rainbow colored fur and black hair tied in a ponytail with a silver ribbon.

"Yes ma'am. How long will it take?" I asked.

"Oh, about ten to twenty minutes," Ms. Seams answered.

I relaxed a little

. "Ok now. Well, you better get back to class," Ms. Seams said as the bell rang. "Or the next class," she corrected.

"Bye, and thank you for helping me!" I called as my tail turned normal again. "Well that was weird. I murmured.

"How did science go?" Penny asked when we were trudging to our BFF's maple tree with loads of homework to do.

"It went fine. Lexi about pulled off my tail today," I replied.

"Literally?" Penny asked. "Wow."

"I know. I mean, sure. She's a bully but even bullies are too afraid of being caught by teachers. Lexi didn't even get detention!" I stated as I saw Kayla climb up the flagpole and dive-bomb us. "Look out!" I screamed.

Penny looked over and her jaw dropped. We ran for the maple tree and Kayla landed flat on her face. Blending in with the maple tree was Nami.

She caught me with a net and I cried, "What's the big idea?"

"We went online last night," Nami taunted.

Kayla came out of the trees. She had scratches on her face. We figured out that you had the greatest power of all the powers a tigeris or tigerin could have," she added.

This sort of amused me. I had the greatest power ever, whatever it was. "What is it?" I asked.

"Why would we tell you? It would just make you stronger. It would be an unwise choice," Nami replied. So they wouldn't tell me.

But I could figure it out myself.







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Interesting plot twist!

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