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Cave full of secrets chap. 10

Cave full of secrets chap. 10

Posted April 12th, 2021 by Maggs101

by Lana
in Texas

"dangit," Matt thought to himself. 

"She pushed the stupid button".

Matt waited for the house to blow up or something, but nothing happened, Thank God. 

Instead, the wall, or what was supposed to be a wall, opened up like sliding doors.

"I knew she was hiding something," Brittany said with a smirk on her face.

"Now, Follow me," she whispered. .

Matt hesitated, but ended up following her, he always did. 

Brittany walked into the dark room shining her flashlight around. 

"It's a tunnel," she said in a gravelly voice. 

"Joy."  Matt thought. " This could take forever."

They walked deeper into the tunnel, so far nothing. 

So, they kept going hoping to find something, anything. 

Suddenly they heard something scurry by. 

Brittany shrieked, "What was That! a mouse?" 

Matt shrugged, because to be honest, he wasn't really listening. 

He squinted trying to see if there was a end to this tunnel. So far there didn't seem to be.

Wait, There didn't seem to be a end, but something did catch his eye. 

Matt sqinted looking down the tunnel. Yes, there it was.... a silhouette. 

"Oh no!" Matt thought. He had to warn Brittany. 

Brittany who was still rambling about what might have scurried by, froze in her tracks, She had seen the silhouette too. 

"Matt," she said in a barely audioble voice. "What is that? surely not a person...Right?"   

Matt shook his head. 

"Were not here alone Matt," she decided for them.  

Matt gulped in reply, beacuse he knew she was right. 


















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Creepy!! Who the HECK is

Creepy!! Who the HECK is this? Whoever it is either knows the secrets or is the secret.

Your first word in this chapter is "Danget," which is usually spelled "Dangit."

Also, rather than changing to a different font when writing a character's thoughts, it's more common to just use italics. You highlight the words you want, then you click on the funky I in the top right of the toolbar. The result looks like this:

Danget, Matt thought to himself. She pushed the stupid button.

Matt waited for the house to blow up or something, but nothing happened, Thank God.

Writing this from Matt's POV was a good call on your part. He's a very fun and cautious character. Man might survive a horror movie.


Good yard,

(Warmest regards)


Posted by Tía Snow on Mon, 05/10/2021 - 10:13

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