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cave full of secrets chap 5.

cave full of secrets chap 5.

Posted February 13th, 2021 by Maggs101

by Lana
in Texas

Matt wiped his tears, then cleared his throat.  Brittany sniffled a couple of times then said, " Come on let's knock on the door." Matt nodded, and rolled his suitcase up the rundown stairs.  Brittany followed him.  Matt hesitated, but managed to kock on the door.  They waited for a minute, but no one answered.  "Should we knock again?" Brittany suggested.   Matt shrugged in reply.  He lifted his fist up, and hesitated once again, to knock on the door.  Brittany shoved her way infont of him.  "I got it, scaredy cat," she said rolling her eyes. She pounded the door this time, and they waited.  Two minutes passed.  Complete silence.  Brittany huffed and said, "What, does she not answer her door or something?   Matt shrugged back.  Brittany shook her head then said," I'm so done with this already, i'm breaking the door down.  Matt's eyes widened,  oh how he would love to see that happen.  Brittany took a couple steps back, then ran full speed towards the door.  Her shoulder collided with it, but the door didn't even budge.  She took a couple steps back to try again, but before she could even try, Matt gave her a hand signal to stop.  Matt stepped forward towards the door, and turned the doorknob, to his surprise the door swung open.  Brittany's face grew red in embarrassment.  "It was unlocked the whole time?!" she huffed.  Matt nodded.  He stepped into the dark house, with Brittany right behind him.  "Hello?" Brittany yelled.  No one answered.  "Strange," Matt thought to himself.  Brittany put their suitcases near the fireplace, and closed the door.  "Guess she's not home," she said.  Matt rolled his eyes.  "You think?" he thought. Then he turned on the lamp in the living room, and started taking a little tour.  A look of distain covered his face when he saw how hideous the couches were.  They were an ugly olive green, and what seemed to be mouse droppings on them.  Matt shook his head in disapproval and made his way towards the kitchen.  In the kitchen there was a normal fridge, sink, table and countertops. So, besides the couch everything looked normal.  He was about to go check out the rooms, when something caught his eye.  On the counter there was a neon pink sticknote.  "How could I have missed this?" he thought.  He pulled the sticky note off the counter, and read it. HIs eyes grew in horror once he finished.  He walked towards Brittany then handed her the note.  "What's this?" she asked. Matt gave her a look that said, "Read."  Her eyes questioned him, but she still read. "HIDE, IT'S THE ONLY THING THAT CAN SAVE YOU", she shuddered.  Still shaking she turned the note over and read the back.  The blood drained from her face and she stood very, very still.  Matt grabbed the note from her and read the back too.  "THEY WANT YOU, THEY WANT US ALL."

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