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cave full of secrets chap 8.

cave full of secrets chap 8.

Posted March 21st, 2021 by Maggs101

by Lana
in Texas

Brittany and Matt rolled their suitcases up to the guest room, which was just two old bunk beds.  Brittany gave a distainful look. "Ugh i hate bunk beds", she said in a disgusted voice.  Matt shrugged.  "could be worse", he thought to himself.  Brittany sighed "Well, Top or bottom bunk?" she asked.  Matt pointed to the top bunk.  Brittany nodded in reply.  Briitany put her suitcase on the old chair in the corner,  and started to unpack.  Matt grabbed his suitcase and started to as well.  Brittany put all her clothes in the dusty old drawer while Matt put his toiletries in the bathroom.  When brittany finished unpacking her clothes, she scrached her head thinking.  "Um, Matt did you pack a fashlight? i forgot to pack one." she said in a sheepish voice.  Matt nodded and handed her a fashlight from his suitcase.  "Ok, great, now put some black clothes on your bed for tonight", she said.  Matt nodded agreeingly.  Brittany pulled out her alarm from her suitcase and set it to 4:00 am. Brittany smiled. " Alright, i think we're all set...Wait!" she said remembering something.  she dug into her suitcase and pulled out a bobby pin.  Matt rolled his eyes at her.  Brittany held up her hand signaling for him to listen.  "Hold on, hold on, i know what your thinking." she said.  "Your thinking, how is a bobby pin going to help us?" she said verbatim to what Matt was thinking.  "Well", she said continuing.  "it's going to unlock the mystery door", she said with a toothy grin.       

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Haha, the classic bobby pin

Haha, the classic bobby pin trick! Picking locks with a bobby pin is harder than it sounds. How does Brittany know how to do it?

Brittany seems to be the originator of ideas here; she's the leader and Matt's the follower. Is that what you wanted? Also, the phrase-- you've used it twice-- "Matt nodded agreeingly" could be a little better. I'd suggest "Matt nodded, agreeing."



Good yard,

(Warmest regards)


Posted by Tía Snow on Mon, 03/29/2021 - 13:50

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