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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Posted September 21st, 2020 by _Manta_

by Amethyst
in California

 Silver stared out at the stars. She then glanced at the guards sleeping below her cave. Silver sighed. She was only a dragonet. Nearly growing out of her little cave. Her mother had died before she hatched, and she didn't even know her father. She didn't do anything other than receive food from the guards, and eat, and sleep. Her guardian was called Sleet, who said he would protect her. But, even with such a loyal protector, she was always bored. Nothing and no one to play with. 

Maybe I should  run away. There might be friends. I've trained myself enough in my little cave. Maybe I'll find some dragons live with and hunt with! Oh, how I want to leave. But if i do, I'll have to go tonight. The guards will be awake soon. Her thoughts cut out as a guard yawned and stretched. "Morning," he said while nodding to her. Who is he again?  Skimo or Bitter? He doesn't seem bitter.. so Skimo?   "Umm.. good morning," she said awkwardly. 

More guards arose and started dusting their scales with snow, while others flew off to hunt. Silver curled up in her little cave and sighed. "Hey," a dragon said, landing in front of the cave. It was Sleet. "You seem.. lonely. Do you want to come out? Do you miss your mother?" he asked gently.

"Y-Y-Yes, I-..I do. I wish I met her. I want to come out, and explore the world outside.. but I don't want to leave you," Silver said, breaking down into sobs.

"Well, what about I let you out of this cave and you can go. You can live your own life. If you miss me, then come back. I will always be here. I am supposing you will survive. Assuming you have been.. secretly training yourself in your cave. Alright?" Sleet said with a smile

"I, umm, t..t. Thank you so much! I'll go... Can I bring one of your spears? Also, how did you figure out about my training?"

"Quite easy, due to the fact that we found some wooden swords lying around. Alright. Find some friends. Return to this exact spot. I will always be here."

"Alright..." Silver trailed off. She was leaving. She was happy, and so shocked that in such a short conversation, she was going to go live her own life. Make friends. I hope I see him again. I wonder if I'll find a partner. I'm.. a few years away, but I'll be having eggs in just a bit longer! Silver thought giddily as she looked around for some things to bring. She stared out at the sunrise, thinking which way to go. Maybe I'll head west. I heard that is where the glowing water dragons live. Their called..Waterwings? Oceanwings? oh. Right Seawings. I'm so dumb. I should have had more practice. But I didn't go to school.... sigh.

    Once she finished packing the spear, some food, a pouch, a fur, and her telescope, she clambered out of her cave and hugged Sleet as well as the other guards. "You can always return. I hope you will come back with a few friends as well. Farewell little one," Sleet said as he waved a wing of farewell. As did the other guards. Tears welled up in Silver's snout, but she held them back, as she waved and flew off into who-knows-where. She took one last longing look at her home, and left into the morning sky.

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