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Chapter 1 The beginning

Chapter 1 The beginning

Posted August 11th, 2022 by Starsong

by Sophia
in Florida

“Ugh, we need to get more wood for the fire…” Sam said as the fire began to go out. “Why don’t you go get more wood while I make sure the tents are waterproof you know my dad,” Sam said. “Um, I can check the tents…” I said I was scared of the dark. “Come on Screamer, what you scared?” He asked mockingly. “No, well I mean-” “Well if you don’t want the whole school thinking you’re a cowered, then go get the firewood,” Sam said holding his phone, I sighed knowing he’d tell everyone. “Fine…” I said, grabbing my flashlight and backpack, Sam smirked. “I knew you’re not a cowered Screamer,” Sam said, wishing he’d stop calling me ‘Screamer’ I left in search of more firewood


*Sam’s POV*

Heh, such a moron, ha, I’m just going to relax, he’s like that Transformers Prime character, I can do whatever I want with him ‘cause I’m the only one who knows his secret. I thought as I sat down and texted with my friends, he’s the best friend ever ‘cause I can do whatever I want with him. “Screamer’s such a moron, there’s no firewood ‘cause I have all of it,” I said to myself as I added firewood to the fire, now all I had to do was wait for him to get back, I knew how this would go, Screamer would come running back saying that he saw something ‘scary’ and he’d make a complete fool of himself and while I pretended to be concerned I’d be recording him with my phone behind my back, then after I recorded him, I’d post it to all of my friends and all of us would get a good laugh, I was looking forward to hearing what he supposedly saw this time. My phone began to ring, I looked at it, was my girlfriend, I answered and put it to my ear. “Hey, love, Screamer’s out getting firewood, too bad he doesn't know I have all of the firewood,” I said laughing. “Oh, that’s evil, nice one, I bet he’ll break his leg or something,” My love said laughing. “Oh, I hope he does break some bones, OMG it’ll be hilarious! I’m so geed at acting he’ll think I actually care, if he does break some bones I’ll show you the vid first before it’s edited,” I said. “Can’t wait, my devil,” My love said, we continued to talk most of the time we made of fun Screamer.


*Starscream’s POV*
The wind rushed past me as I walked through the woods, strangely there wasn’t any wood just lying around. “Huh, where’s all of the firewood?” I asked myself as I continued to look around, I pulled my jacket closer around me as I continued walking, after a while, I really wanted to go back to camp and sleep, but I still couldn’t find any firewood and Sam would make fun of me for not being able to find firewood. I’ll just find a place to rest for a little while then go back to camp or keep looking for firewood. I thought as I spotted a nice-looking cave, I walked to the cave surprisingly there was firewood. Nice! There’s enough for a fire and enough left over to keep the other one going. I thought as I began to arrange the firewood after that I started the fire and sat down leaning against the stone wall, I was planning on resting for a little while but the fire was so warm…and I was so tired, I closed my eyes and fall asleep.


*Warsong’s POV* We rushed back to the cave we were supposed to be guarding the relic. “Warsong stop!” Crystal cried out in fear quietly, I stopped and noticed there was a human in the cave. “Hey, it’s the silver-haired human, Starscream right?” Skylight asked, when we got a closer look he was fast asleep near a fire. “What should we do? Terminate him?” I asked. “What? No! Look it’s fine he’s nowhere near the relic let’s just go guard it until he leaves in the morning,” Crystal said. “Aw, I wanted to terminate him besides now he knows where the cave is,” I said disappointed. “Then we’ll just erase his memory,” Crystal said. “You’re no fun,” Skylight said as we carefully walked to where the relic was


*A while later* 


“I’m so bored!” Skylight complained as she walked around the relic. “Yeah, me too, hey I have an idea,” I said. “I’d do anything by now,” Skylight said. “Well, it’s obvious that it’s Crystal’s turn to guard the relic, why don’t we play a prank on her?” I asked. “Yeah, good idea and if anything goes wrong well who cares, the relic will be fine, I mean it’s not like it’s going anywhere am I right?” Skylight asked as we walked to where Crystal was, I nodded. 


*Starscream’s POV* (Much later)

I opened my eyes and checked my watch. “OMG! I’ve overslept!” I said getting up, the firewood I had saved for the fire back at camp was gone! “Oh, no, oh no, oh no!” I yelled as I ran deeper into the cave, looking for the missing firewood, ‘cause I was too worried about the firewood I didn’t look where I was going and ran smack right into a thing. What the?” I asked as I backed up to get a better look at what I ran into. “Woah, what is that thing?” I asked, it was a pure white crystal and it was huge, the thing was glowing faintly, at that moment I forgot all about the firewood, suddenly the crystal began to glow brightly, and I had to shield my eyes from the light, suddenly everything went black.


*Unknown time later*

“Ugh,” I groaned. My helm hurts like crazy…wait what helm, I’ve never heard that word before…how do I know that now? I wondered as I opened my eyes. “AHH!” I screamed as I moved until my back was against the tree I was on!? “How did I end up here!?” I asked/yelled looking down, I shouldn’t have done that…the I was on was so high up that I could barely see the ground, I vented heavily as I closed my optics. “Okay, okay, calm down Starscream, this is fine, you’re just on a really high tree that’s all!” I said to myself trying to calm myself, after a little while I calmed down enough that I could open my optics without passing out from fear. “What the heck is that thing!?” I heard someone yell.

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