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Chapter 1 of reading my friend's story she's writing

Chapter 1 of reading my friend's story she's writing

Posted September 5th, 2023 by BohemianRhapsod...

by The Time Lord Victorious (Connor)
in sane

Acts Of Love Hmm, interesting title. 



Step one of my career


“Guess what!” I heard my best friend since birth say as he was running towards me with a flier in his hand. Since birth? You're saying that you knew each other when you were born? That seems kind of wrong...


I turned around to look at him, he looks like he has been trying to catch up with me for a while now. Okay, sudden change from past-ish tense to present tense. 


“What is it, James?” I asked.


“Why do you walk so fast?” James said after taking a very deep breath. Do I really walk that fast? Hey, internal monologue! That's always a fun time. 


His comment made me laugh. But I just shrugged. Wait, another change to past tense? 


“Whatever.” He took another deep breath before speaking, “The director of the play is holding auditions next week. You should go audition.”


I thought for a moment...


“No.” I simply said. Honestly, not the best wording, but it's decent. 


“Why not?” James whined like a little kid whose mom would not let him get candy. That's some pretty good description right there!


“Cause Noah is probably going to audition. He loves acting, and he is great at it too.” I said with a pout. Pout? That's... odd


My comment made James roll his eyes. He put the flier in one of my hands and put his hands on my shoulders. Okay, so it's kind of a mix of past- and present-tense?


“It doesn’t matter if he is there. All you need to do is try. You are a great actress. So please, for your best friend's sake?” 


Before I could say anything — I heard a familiar voice speak behind me. So far, it's mostly past tense... 


“Are you really going to audition?”


I turned around to see him, Noah, the one who has been my rival for the longest time. My mom and his mom are best friends, and they always have been. Me and Noah met when we were only toddlers. We both grew up loving acting. And we still do, but we have honestly made it like a competition. I always try my best in everything I do. Noah is one year older than me, we are still close. But not too close. We have known each other ever since we were little. And somehow -- we get each other on a different level that other people cannot explain. But still — he is my rival. So, friendly rivalry. Works with me...?


I had to decide right there.


“Yeah, I am. And I am going to audition for the female lead.” I said with a smile on my face. Okay, so seeing her rival makes her decide to audition? But her best friend giving her all of his support doesn't? You know, who's really in charge here?


He smiled then spoke, “Then I wish you luck. I will see you at auditions.” 


He winked at me then left. I turned around and looked at James. Winked? Does he have a crush on her or something?


“He really annoys me sometimes.” I said as James scoffed.


“You annoy me more than he annoys you. So don’t even.” He laughed a bit before he finished talking. Uh, is that good or bad? I can't tell.


“I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” I nodded as he grabbed his backpack from his locker.


The bell rang soon after that, which stated that everyone could go home unless they had extracurricular activities like clubs. So, they're in either junior high or high school. So, I don't think the explanation of the bell is really necessary. 


As I was walking to my house, I began thinking deeply.


What if I make a fool out of myself on stage while performing?


What would happen if I forgot one of my lines?


I really shouldn’t think of stuff like that, it can really change my entire mindset. That's completely normal! It's not a fixed mindset thing, and honestly, most people get that when they're doing something big. And I don’t want that to

happen. So, I decided to take my mind from the negative things — and think of the positive things!


“What are you thinking about?” I heard a voice say as I flinch hard. Flinch hard? I wonder what that's like. 


I turned to the figure who was walking right beside me as I put my right hand over my chest.


“Don’t ever do that again. You almost gave me a heart attack!”


He gives a small chuckle before speaking, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” Who is he? He seems... sketchy.


“It’s fine, but what do you want?” I looked back to the sidewalk.


“I saw you walking and decided to ask you if you knew what you were signing up for.”


I raised an eyebrow.


“What are you talking about?” I asked.


“You know, the play? Do you know anything about it?” he asked while looking at the sidewalk.


I did not know a lot about it. But everyone would talk about how excited they were to see it. My friends would also talk nonstop about how amazing the love story is. The love story... Acts of Love... it's all coming together! I'VE GOT IT!!! YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So far, still a better love story than Twilight. 


“I don’t know a lot. All I know is that there is a love story involved. Would you mind telling me more?” I looked at him.


“Well, that is correct. But there is more that you should know about it.”


Noah took a deep breath before speaking.


“So, you are auditioning for Alaina Pocket. A young adult who has always had a dream to be a CEO. But she gets a job as a secretary in an incredibly famous office that is in New York.”


All I did was nod. He probably didn’t think that I was paying attention. But the truth is, I was listening very closely. I wanted to be a good fit for the role of Alaina Pocket. So, I need to know everything that I can in order to achieve that goal.


He took a deep breath before continuing. He was out of breath.


“She soon becomes close to her boss, Josh, the one who I am auditioning for. He is a very cold person. But he gets a soft spot for Alaina. At the end of the play – they both fall in love and become CEOs together.” That feels a little cliche, but it's a high school play, of course it's cliche. 


After he finished talking – he looked back at me. Who was typing everything down on the notes app that is on my phone.


I noticed that he was smiling at me, so I looked at him.


“Sorry, I just want to get the character for the role.”


“It’s fine. I would have done the same thing.” He said, still looking at me.


I smiled as I thought about what would happen if I got the part. Oh, crap... 


“Anna, this could be the start of your acting career.” He said after he noticed my smile.


Although he is annoying, and older than me, he is a great person. Noah really cares about other people. And he shows it. He loves to see people smile and succeed in life. Noah always tells people to try their best in everything. And when I say everything, I really do mean everything. Sounds like a good guy.


Something that Noah would tell me when we were in middle school was to always go full out on the things I love most. And currently -- that is acting. So, I guess that I should listen to his words. It is hard to admit it but, Noah is right most of the time. And right now, he is right. This could really help me start my career in acting. Not only would I have the experience -- but I could also possibly get a theatre

scholarship. That could get me into a good college. And that would be incredibly good. I think that last sentence is unnecessary, but okay.


“Yeah, It really could!” I got excited, which did not go unnoticed by Noah.


“Aww... are you happy that I'm with you?” He teased.


I looked at the houses across the street and found mine.


“Well, you won’t be with me for a while. I’ll see you tomorrow, Noah.”


I waved goodbye as Noah did the same.









I stared at my name beside the ‘female lead’ on the paper that was hung up by the doors to the auditorium. Good job!


A wide smile somehow crept onto my face. But as I kept reading, my smile dropped.


‘Male Lead: Noah Payne’ 


Of course, he had to get the male lead. He was great at the audition. But the worst thing about this – that means our characters fall in love. Oh, crap.


I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. So, I quickly turned around and saw my best friend, James.


“I’m so proud of you!” He showed off his boxy smile and then hugged me.


I chuckled after he pulled away.


“I couldn’t have done it without you.” I smiled.


Even though I’m glad that I got the role, it’s going to be complicated. But I am just happy that I tried. Hard work really does pay off. Sometimes, yes. Remember, people say crime doesn't pay, but in real life, um, well, about that, actually...


I glanced behind James and saw Noah coming.


Once he was close enough, I spoke.


“I got the female lead.”


He stopped to talk to me, he seemed like he wasn’t in the mood. I wonder what he was upset about...


“Great, I’ll see you at practice.” he said with a cold tone in his voice.


“Noah, you don’t seem yourself. What happened?” I asked in a sincere voice.


We made eye contact, he stayed silent for a moment then he finally spoke up.


“It’s nothing, just be careful who you trust.” Noah said then walked past me. That was a little... what's the word, what's the word... I don't know the word, but I'm sure that you do kn- OMINOUS


I turned to James who was looking at me with a worried face.


“You should just let him be alone for a while. He is just not in his right mindset.” James said with a reassuring smile.


“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” I looked back to the direction that Noah went.


What got him so upset?


I turned back to James to see that he was talking to some of his other friends. I sighed as I began walking to my locker.


I was deep in thought, but I soon got out of my head when I bumped into someone by accident.


“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry.” I bowed.


I looked up at the person who I bumped into and saw someone who I haven’t seen in a while.


“Austin!” I squealed as I hugged him tightly.


“Anna, I’m so happy that you’re here!” He hugged me back.


Austin, my amazing boyfriend. So far, there have been no girls. He has beautiful brown hair that is always styled in the right way, and those piercing green eyes that make my stomach get butterflies. He is tall and lean, with this confident swagger that just screams ‘cool guy.’ But the thing I love most about him is how sweet he is to me. He always knows just what to say to make me feel better, and he’s always there when I need him. I always remind myself that I am so lucky to have him. That was a little cheesy... 


“How long have you been back from Miami?” I asked. MIAMI! Whoo! That's cool! 


“We got back last night. I have been here all day.”


I nodded. But then I heard the bell ring, I guess it’s time for period seven. Wait, already? We haven't even had 5 or 6 yet!


“Shoot, I got to go. Let’s talk later.” He said while walking to his next class.


I turned around and saw Noah looking at Austin with a disappointed expression on his. That's also ominous.


We then made eye contact again, he smiled and walked towards me.


“Please trust me when I say this, Austin doesn’t deserve you.” He said before he walked away, leaving me dumbfounded.


Why is Noah being so strange today?









I am currently waiting by my locker because earlier today, I received a text message from Noah saying that he wanted to tell me something important. So, we decided to meet at my locker. Um, do you have time for that, or is it after school? Maybe it's during lunch. 


I waited for about twenty minutes before he showed up. Okay, after school or lunch. 


“So, what did you want to tell me?” I asked while closing my locker door.


“I’m sorry to say this but... you need to break up with Austin.” I've never been in a relationship, and probably won't be for a couple of years, but I'm pretty sure that people don't explicitly tell you to break up?


“Why?” I simply asked. Simply? I think that's an extra word. 


“He.. he is cheating on you with someone who he met three years ago.” Wait, what? THREE YEARS? So you're telling me he's with this girl who he met in junior high? Seems a little off, to me. 


I felt my heart shatter, I can’t believe I trusted him. I always thought he was loyal and cared for me. But I was completely wrong. The plot's slowly starting to shape up, and I have a basic idea of what's coming next...


I stayed silent for a while.


“Anna..” Noah hugged me as he noticed that my eyes were getting filled with tears.

“H-how did you know?” I said in between my soft sobs.


“I have seen them together, many times. They would do things that only couples do.” Noah tightened the hug. I don't know what that is, and I'm pretty sure I don't want to know, either. 


Something told me that everything was going to be all right. Even though it will be hard to recover, I know that I will be able to move one. I will find someone better. Maybe the guy right in front of you? How 'bout James? You have a few options, right? 




So, note from me here: Friend of mine wrote this, and asked me to do a review thing on KP. So that's that. I didn't write this, just letting you know. Your thoughts?

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