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Chapter 1 the seeker and Y/N

Chapter 1 the seeker and Y/N

Posted August 5th, 2022 by Starsong

by Sophia
in Florida

When nightfall came, the temperature dropped. Most zombies are affected, by the temperature like humans. Any survivors come out at night, to look for any resources. It also becomes more dangerous at nighttime, most survivors will kill off anyone weaker than them. Sometimes some are shot by someone, who mistakes them for a zombie. Some zombies aren’t affected by temperature changes, Y/N was lucky when she found that nice cave, She was about to pull the covers (She had managed to find) Tighter around her. When she noticed the Seekerling (Seeker baby) was shivering from the cold. “Dang it! I forgot Seekers are affected by temperature a lot more than humans…” She whispered to herself. She often talked out loud to herself to make it seem like there was someone else with her, ever since Y/N had been on her own she became lonely. Y/N pulled the Seekerling close to her And covered him in the blankets even though she was now exposed to the cold. It took a long time before Y/N was able to fall asleep, when she finally did it didn’t last long. In the middle of the night, somehow a zombie had made it into the cave (The cave’s front entrance was covered up with boards, but don’t do well to keep out the cold) The zombie somehow didn’t wake up Y/N, very few were that stealthy. it had made it to where Y/N and, the Seekerling were sleeping/recharging. The zombie stared at the Seekerling, even though most were idiots some were smarter. The zombie grunted as it poked the Seekerling’s faceplates (Face) After a few minutes of the zombie poking him. The Seekerling woke up, the zombie reached for his wings. then grabbed the Seekerling’s wings and pulled on them (Zombies usually pull/poke things either trying to figure out what the thing is or well, no one’s sure) The Seekerling cried out in pain as the zombie pulled his wings. He aimed one of his servos at the zombie, then fired his missile through the zombie's head. Blood splattered everywhere, Y/N woke up to the sound of the missile but froze when she saw what had happened. The Seekerling was still aiming his servo at the zombie, who had fallen dead after being shot. “D-Did you…!?” Y/N asked/Yelled as she cut herself off staring at the dead zombie, in front of them she was in shock. She didn’t think a baby could aim so well, there was blood all over the place, the Seekerling fell back into recharge after a few moments. It took a while before Y/N got over her shock, She took out some cloth and began to clean herself and the Seekerling. She was careful to be gentle with his wings. After she was done Y/N made sure the Seekerling was comfortable, before carefully getting up to see how the zombie had gotten in. When she got to the entrance, the zombie had somehow knocked one of the wooden boards loose. Y/N became worried If a zombie could knock them loose, then they must be getting smarter. Or maybe someone knocked them loose. Either they wanted to kill me, or the zombie killed them off and got in… YN thought, not wanting to think about the first option. She picked up the boards that had come loose and made sure no zombie, or a person who wanted to get in easily could. After that Y/N checked the boards over for the better part of the night, after checking them she went back to check on the Seekerling. When she got back he was still in recharge, Y/N laid down next to him. Soon she fall asleep as the sun began to rise, after a few hours the Seekerling woke up. And after a little while, he began to cry. “Ugh…” Y/N groaned as she woke up, she had spent most of the night making sure no zombies or people could get in. Y/N barely got any sleep, not only was Y/N tired she was also hungry. Maybe he’s hungry, where am I going to find Energon? Y/N wondered, she knew Cybertronains drink Energon. But where was Y/N going to find Energon? It was already hard enough to find food for herself, she picked up the Seekerling and began to rock him. While she was rocking him she tried to remember if she had seen any Energon. Y/N looked at the Seekerling and remembered where she had found him, although it was a slim chance she’d find Energon Y/N knew she had to find Energon for him. She continued to rock him as she walked to where the giant robot/jet was, once she made it to where the robot/jet was. Y/N began to look for Energon, as soon as Y/N had gotten to the robot/jet. The Seekerling pointed at one of its servos, at first Y/N didn’t see anything but once she got a closer look she noticed. “Energon!” Y/N yelled happily as she rushed over to the robot/jet’s servo, there was a faint blue glow coming from the servo. She gently put the Seekerling near the servo of the robot/jet before trying to climb up the servo, after a while of trying to climb up the servo Y/N had no luck. She looked to where she put down the Seekerling, only to find he went missing! “OMG! OMG! OMG! Where did he go!?” Y/N exclaimed as she began to franticly look for him. I can’t believe I wasn’t watching him! What if a zombie get’s to him first!? Y/N wondered as she looked around for him, she ran to the legs of the robot/jet. When she had gotten to the feet of it she stopped in her tracks… 


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