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Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Posted January 22nd, 2018 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

When Clary had stirred awake from her sleep, her body felt strangely heavy. She rolled over slightly, and winced in pain. Her chest and back throbbed, and she rubbed them in protest.

" Oh you're awake." A voice sounded behind her. Turning around slowly as to not trigger any more pain, Clary opened her eyes to stare into blue ones. Ash grinned and tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear slightly, flinching when his hand made contact with her skin. A gasp escaped his libs as he made for the towel that sat on the bedside table, wet it in a bucket full of water which also sat on the table, and put it on her forehead.

" Why won't it go down.." Ash mumbled, his libs pressed into a firm line. Clary tilted her head slightly, which was a bad idea considering her body pain, and winced silently.

" What..do you m-mean?" She questioned, her voice barely a whisper. She tried her voice out in hopes of getting it to get louder, but her local cords strangely wouldn't cooperate. But she saw Ash let out a small sigh, and his libs forming into a soft smile as he gently stroked her soft hair which was in tangles.

" Ah. Well you see, you have a very high fever. 41 degrees Celsius , i believe. Almost 42, which is very dangerous." Clary felt her eyes widen noticeably, and clasped a hand over her mouth.

" I-i don't understand...what might have caused this?" Her voice came stronger from the anxiety, making her flinch slightly in surprise. Ash chuckled. Not a fun or amused chuckle, but a nervous and dry chuckle which meant he was either very nervous that he was laughing, or too panicked that his voice would crack if he were to talk. Ash slowly and patiently lifted the collar of her shirt, his hand tracing the two lumps that had healed slightly over the hours.

Clary, of course. understood immediately without him having to say anything, and suppressed another gasp which was about to escape her libs forcefully. The vampire which had bitten her had been a pureblood, and their bite is the most deadly. It is like poison, except it doesn't kill you. Just turns you into a vampire after a while.

It worked, however, differently on healers. They had to go through a series of more complicated processes to survive, for their bodies were the purest of all. If they were not to tend to it in 48 hours, they would either die, or become extremely anemic. This meant she would barely be aware, and would be too weak to do anything. The blood of a pureblood would kill off a healers cells, which would weaken them or kill them. Neither was appealing.

Now to get to the point. He had bitten her to get enough blood out, then had fed her some of his blood. That was illegal by the law in the night world, therefore punishable by death. Clary let herself shiver, which sent another throb of pain through her body. She grit her teeth in an attempt to not bite her tongue, and took steady, deep breaths.

" Ash, you know how to get the blood out of my system, right?" She questioned hurriedly. She knew they had less that 34 hours, and that was not much time at all. If they were lucky they could make it.

Ash nodded in response, his cheeks tinted with the slightest of red. Why? Well, you got the blood out by making a small cut on the arm of the victim, and sucking the blood out. This was done by a trained human serving healers, or a vampire, because this only had effect on healers.

He silently grabbed his silver knife, putting the sharp tip to her exposed wrist. He then proceeded to cut, which burnt her arm painfully, but not enough to make her yelp in pain. It was endurable, as many other pains were when a healer had to do a 'Job'.

thick, mild black blood poured out of her wrist, filling the room with the sickly scent of iron. Ash quickly put his libs to her wound, sucking silently with an obvious blush on his face. This continued for a minute before he pulled away, spitting the blood away in the sink.

When he came back, Clary had closed her eyes, her breathing steady. His hand automatically went to her forehead, where it was finally cool to the touch. he could now rest easily, which he did, moving to lay beside her and falling sleep silently.

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Hi! Great job on your story,

Hi! Great job on your story, it's probably really good but I haven't read it yet.

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  This is a nice story! But


This is a nice story! But please do not put so many Chapters on at once. I made this mistake as well, and... it isn't good.

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