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Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Posted January 27th, 2018 by Ninasilverrose

by Nina
in British Columbia

Clary woke with a start, and turned around briefly to glimpse at ash's sleeping face. But when she felt around the bed to grasp his hand, the only thing she clenched was the fabric of the bed.

" Ash!" Springing up quickly, Clary jumped off the bed and wore her normal cloths; and then came a sharp jerk of her arm when she was wearing her blue sweater, and pain shot up her wrist.

Glancing down, Clary noticed a slight half-healed scar on her wrist, and remembered the night before; the vampirem almost dying, Ash sucking the corrupted blood out...

Feeling blood rush to her face, she quickly shoke her head to clear it and stepped out into the kitchen, catching a scent which hung in the air stubbornly. It was the scent of burning meat. Slightly puzzled, Clary walked up to the pan which sat on the stove, and stared.

Instead of meat there sat a black chunk of coal.

"Oh! Clary." A familiar voice sounded behind her, making her flinch slightly. She'd know that voice anywhere...

" S-S-Saku-ra." Stuttering and clinging to the stove's edge like her life depended on it, Clary silently and slowly turned to face her long-lost friend.

Her black hair with dyed pink bangs gleamed in the morning light slightly, and Clary started to feel sick. Her head swam, making her cling to the stove even tighter; her legs felt as if they would give out any minute, and they did eventually.

Feeling her fingers slip from their desprate grip, Clary crumbled to the wooden floor like a broken down doll and sat still, taking shallow, unsteady breaths.

" No. No. No No No. You were DEAD. I SAW you die..." Sakura's eyes were as wide as soucers when she gripped Clary's shoulders and shoke her slightly.

" Sh..No i didn't die, Clary....You just had another bad dream. Its okay...." Clary clung to Sakura and sobbed, with her rubbing soothing circles on ger back.

" B-but it felt so real..." She managed to choke out between sobs.

" I know. I know." Sakura continued to amke soothing noises, and something about her always calmed Clary, and so it did now; her sobs slowly subsiding to nothing more than silent whimpers and occasional sniffs.

" W-where's Stella?" Sakura's libs parted to answer when a voice answered for her.

" Someone called?" There stood Stella with her light blonde hair and feirce blue eyes, in a blue tank top and ripped jeans. Clary felt herself chuckle dryly at her friend's arrival, and broke herself out of Sakura's grip and stumbled over to Stella, gripping her shoulders tightly. 

" Where is Ash?" Her golden eyes were clouded with worry, her voice strong once more. 

" Who?" Stella scanned her form, worry and confusion clear on her face.

" Is this a boyfriend you haven''t told me about?" And when seeing Clary's horrified and helpless expression added: " Clary, are you feeling alright? Did you hit you head or something?" Flinching away from her outstreched hand, Clary quickly took a shaky step back and then another, until she collided with the familiar wooden door. Her hands scrambled over it until she found the door knob, and without warning, bolted out the door into the towering trees of the forest.

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