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Chapter 2 Almost taken

Chapter 2 Almost taken

Posted August 6th, 2022 by Starsong

by Sophia
in Florida

Y/N stared in shock, she had found the Seekerling but that wasn’t the only thing she found. There were three zombies dead behind him, but that wasn’t what terrified Y/N though. The Seekerling was covered in Energon (Blood/fuel of all Cybertronains) there was a huge cut in the middle of his faceplates. Y/N was studying to become a doctor, even though she didn’t know how to treat Cybertronains she tried anyway. She quickly got to work cleaning off the Energon, the Seekerling had been knocked out by something. There was no way it was a zombie they’re too stupid, after Y/N cleaned his wounds, she began to bandage the Seekerling’s cuts. As Y/N was bandaging the wounds she noticed that his wings were also bleeding, luckily the Seekerling wasn’t awake and hopefully wasn’t feeling the pain for now at least. After bandaging his wounds Y/N picked him up and looked around, she saw the same blue glow from the robot/jet’s servo behind its legs. Y/N was happy to finally have found Energon hopefully, she walked to the back of the legs and found to her relief Energon. She cradled the Seekerling with one of her arms as she grabbed the Energon with her other one, after getting all the Energon Y/N could hold with one arm she began to walk back to the place she and the Seekerling had slept/recharged. Y/N was planning on raiding an old town she’d seen yesterday, but the only problem now was the Seekerling was now even more vulnerable from being badly injured. Y/N would’ve stayed in the cave until his wounds healed, but zombies were able to get in and something worse could be lurking in the cave. Y/N may not know how to take care of babies but with her knowledge, she knew it would be safer to stay here. If she could find something to defend herself and the Seekerling, she could fight off any zombies that somehow got in. Y/N could take her chances but she didn’t want to risk him getting more hurt, lost, or…or…oflined. Y/N decided to risk it, the old town had at least one house that looked like it could be fixed easily. So, Y/N looked around for anything that could be useful, she found some more Energon and a full gun. Yes! Y/N thought as she grabbed the Energon and gun. She somehow made room but in the process, she accidentally dropped the Seekerling luckily Y/N caught him. Y/N mentally sighed as she walked back to the cave’s entrance, Y/N took down the wooden boards. Sunlight flooded the cave, there was not a single cloud in the sky. When Y/N looked out over the plans there were a few zombies, most of them didn’t notice her but some of them did. Y/N held the Seekerling close to her as she looked for the old town she had seen yesterday, when she found the town Y/N began to run towards it. In her experience, Y/N knew that once she was far enough away zombies would forget about her and continue to wander. As Y/N was running the Seekerling began purring, at first, she was confused until she realized her running was soothing to him. (Seekers are soothed by flying, being outside, and going at fast speeds because their alt are jets) Once Y/N had gotten close to the town she began to slow down due to hunger, Y/N looked around and found some animals in cages. Once the zombies started to show up people began to put animals into cages to be killed and eaten later if things got worse, Y/N walked over to the caged animals. She hated seeing any sentient being in a cage, once when she was five her parents had taken her to an outdoor market. But while Y/N and her parents were looking around the market she saw caged Seekerlings, most of them were missing their wings. Ever since MECH had found a way to capture Cybertronans they had sold their plans to other companies, they began to capture Seekerlings and sold them off as pets. Seekers are seen as animals and treated like animals, some people even thought they were edible. After that Y/N hated seeing any sentient being in the cages, she knew she’d regret this but she had to do what she had to survive. She pulled out the gun she had found in the cave and aimed it had one of the caged pigs, Y/N closed her eyes and hoped the Seekerling wouldn’t be woken up by the sound of gunfire. Y/N mentally prepared herself and then pulled the trigger, the gun made a load BANG! The Seekerling shifted into a more comfortable position but stayed in recharge much to Y/N’s relief. When Y/N opened her eyes the pig was dead, she opened the top of the cage and picked up the pig. Y/N decided to look for a house that could be easily fixed, after a little while of looking she found the house she had seen yesterday it looked just how she had seen it before. Y/N ran over to the house not only to soothe the Seekerling/to help him ignore the pain, and because she didn’t want to attract any zombies. Y/N made it to the house and was starving, she found the kitchen and began to prepare the pig for eating. Once the meat was cooking Y/N began to focus on making the house safe, she closed and locked the windows and doors before boarding all of them. Most suriviers ignore those inside houses. After making sure the bottom floor was safe she went upstairs and began to look around the second floor, one of the bedroom’s windows was broken. Y/N used a bat she had found and smashed the window, she shielded the Seekerling from the shards of glass that went everywhere. Then she boarded up the window with wood, after that she went to look for a crib for the Seekerling. She came across a baby’s bedroom, unlike the rest of the house it looked like it had just been used. “Huh, well at least the crib’s clean,” Y/N said not wanting to think about whom couldn’ve used the house, Y/N picked up the crib and took it downstairs it was a lot harder said than done. Y/N struggled to get the crib down the stairs with one hand while holding the Seekerling in her other one, eventually, she managed to get the crib down the stairs. Y/N placed the crib near the kitchen table, Y/N placed the Seekerling into the crib just as she did the meat was ready. Y/N got some oven mittens and got the meat out of the oven, she cut up the meat and then began to eat it. While Y/N was eating she watched the Seekerling in case something went wrong or he made his wounds worse, he snuggled with the teddy bear that was in the crib. After Y/N finished she put the leftover meat into the fridge, the house Y/N and the Seekerling were staying in had a generator, and whoever had turned it on must’ve never turned it off. It made Y/N feel uneasy that someone was here and for some reason they had left, the house looked like the perfect place to stay it would be pretty stupid to unless something had happened to them. Y/N took out her gun and began to clean it, she didn’t want to risk the Seekerling because his wounds were still healing. Though Y/N wanted to go out hunting for animals for food, the meat from the pig would last a little while. There were caged animals that Y/N could eat if she had to, after she cleaned the gun Y/N put it away she wanted to keep it close to her in case there were zombie attacks. For most of the day, no zombies showed up. When nightfall came, Y/N sighed in relief. She had to fight off four zombies, one of them had gotten in and if it wasn’t for the Seekerling the zombie would’ve killed Y/N. Zombies were getting stronger, some of them even learned how to use guns. Y/N was getting ready for bed though it was getting harder for her to sleep, knowing now that zombies are more dangerous. After she made sure the house was zombie proofed for Y/N lost count, she went to bed. Outside the wind howled as zombies groaned or growled, most ignored the house though some tried to get but luckily had no luck.


*???’s POV* 


I finally was able to remove the boards from one of the windows, then picked at the lock. When you’re someone who’s been on you’re own picking locks is useful to know, I slowly and quietly opened the window. Once the window was open far enough, I got into the master bedroom. (I’ve been in the dark for so long I got used to it) Looking around I saw Y/N, she was fast asleep in the master bedroom, I spotted a crib next to the master bed. I walked over to the crib and what I saw was…shocking… it looked like a robot/jet? I leaned in closer to get a better look. Why, does it look familiar? I wondered. I looked back at Y/N and then back to the robot/jet. “Hm, I doubt Y/N’s taking care of you properly…I should take you, you’ll do better with me,” I whispered as I reached for the robot/jet. Right when I was about to grab it began to cry, and it was ear piercing. I quickly ran to the window and jumped out, then ran into one of the old houses. Once I knew I was safe, while I was sharing my swords I tried to remember why the robot/jet looked familiar. Once I finished cleaning one of my swords, I realized why he looked familiar. Don’t worry I’ll find a way to get you away from that monster… I thought putting the swords down, and beginning to load up my guns. She’ll turn the innocent Seekerling into a monster just like her if no one stops her. “I’ll kill you if I have to keep him safe…” I said making a vow to protect him







*Y/N’s POV* 


I woke up to the sound of crying, it was ear-piercing. I began to panic looking over to the Seekerling looked fine, something must’ve spooked him. I got out of bed and walked over to him, I picked up the Seekerling. I wasn’t sure of how to calm him down. “Er, what do I do, what do I do?” I asked myself as he continued crying, I wasn’t sure how he’d react if I touched his wings. I knew Seekers feel uncomfortable when someone they don’t know or trust touches their wings and based on how the Seekerling reacted when the zombie had pulled his wings I don’t want to end up dead or dying. I began to rock him with one of my hands while with my other one I began to gently stroke his wings, the Seekerling calmed down. “Shh, it’s okay I’m right here,” I said soothingly, I wasn’t sure if he had a nightmare of something that spooked him. Either way, I became more uneasy. “Did you have a nightmare or did you see something?” I asked, soothingly, The Seekerling pointed to where the crib was. I looked at the floor and saw footprints, I internally gasped and held him closer to me. I looked to the window had been opened, I was shocked no one had gotten into any place I stayed at. Most survivors never messed with others who had found a place to stay (If you knew what was good for you that is), I put two and two together. Whoever had gotten in probably wanted the Seekerling. When he cried that scared the person and they ran off, as much as I wanted to find them it was too dangerous to be out at night. I walked back to the window, then boarded up the window and made sure no one could get in without breaking the wood or glass. After that, I decided to let the Seekerling recharge with me. After that break-in, I didn’t want to risk someone taking him or…I don’t want to know. I put the Seekerling down on the bed, before getting into bed myself. I gently rested one of my hands on the Seekerling’s torso, I waited for him to fall into recharge. It took a little while but once he felt safe he went into recharge. Just as I was about to go to sleep a disturbing thought came to me. What if SHE is after him? Oh, no…Seekers are valuable. I’m sure she wants him because he’s rare…I won’t HER or anyone else gets to him… I thought pulling him closer to me, he began to purr which helped lull me to sleep. Soon I was fast asleep.


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