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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Posted November 2nd, 2019 by DreamDragon13

by Katherine
in Nevada

I am seriously terrible at math. As I looked at my grade on the quiz, I groaned. I never get higher than Cs. Like, I never get Ds or Fs, and sometimes get 79%, but I never get that sweet 80% or higher. I sighed and stuffed the paper in my backpack. As the bell rang, I walked out the door to my bus. I sneered at the kids jostling each other, cussing each other out, and being insensitive in general. I sighed as I sat in the front of the bus, next to my friend Rachel. I was just chatting with her, and halfway through the ride home, I got a text on my phone. I opened it up.

Can you help Black Dragon with a quest? I thought about it carefully before typing out a one word answer. Yes.

I simply opened the door, set my bag down, called out, "I'm going to a friend's house!" and walked back out the door. I ran out of the neighborhood and went towards the center of town, the more urban part. I ducked into an alley and realeased the shadows. Seeing no one was around, I magically changed my clothes into a back jumpsuit, with black combat boots, black gloves, and my hair pulled up in a messy bun. I pulled my bag from the dimension the shadows let me use to store stuff by opening a window sized back rip in space/portal. It was one of those messenger styled bags. I slung it over my neck and shoulder. I jumped up on the rooftops and ran, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. I jumped atop the bank. "Boss called me here. What are we doing?" Black Dragon was about my age, slightly older with a tan leather trench coat, a black t-shirt, and jeans with sneakers. His neat black hair was combed out of his sharp, soul stealing blue eyes. He had two enormous black wings sprouting out of his back, and his eyes could turn pure black when he used his magic.

Just to clear one thing up: Boss was not my boss. He reconditioned I was very powerful and smart and had offered a partnership when I first became a villian. He claimed he didn't know my identity, but I think he might have. It only took a few clicks on the internet for him to connect the dots for him, after all. I could say no to any mission, and was payed. "We have to steal from a local jewelry shop. There's an artifact there that's high priced." I was never forced to become a villian. It just, strangely made me feel... whole. I nodded, and we set the coordinates for the shop in his wrist watch gadgetry thing. I was never really sure what the extent of that thing was. It was a simple drill, knock down the doors, summon our magic and threaten everyone, get into the vault a steal the purple gem. From an ancient civilization that was supposedly full of light and happiness. Black Dragon grabbed the gem, and then dropped it, crying out in pain. Oh no.

I immeadialty knew what was wrong. Usually those myths are false, but occasionally a civilization comes across magic. This must have been from one of them. The civilization was based off light magic it seemed, and both of us used the opposite. This would majorly mess with our powers. I summoned a magic [containg? Trapping?] container. I was clear and cylinder shaped. I pulled the top off, put the gem inside, and put the top back on. I stuffed it in my pack and we ran out the jewelry store. But trouble was sure to come. 

The Original Four had come to deal with us personally. Guardian had white angel wing, and a similar costume to Black Dragon's, except his shirt was white, he had knee and elbow pads, and when you looked at his face, you couldn't seem to focus on it. Jade Archer (a/n: I am terrible at making names) had a green bow and quiver strapped to her back. She wore a black a deep green jumpsuit with thigh high green boots, a green jacket tied around her waist, and one of those classic superhero eye masks on her face, in a jade green color (hence the name.) You could see her deep, lovely chocolate brown eyes through the mask though, and she had short brown hair chopped off at her shoulders. Shifter, a boy that looked of Latino origin, was wearing a regular blue t-shirt and khaki pants with sneakers. But he had a sword strapped around his waist in a hilt, and a shield was stored on his back. His power was shapeshifting, so he used it to hide his real identity. He had fiery red hair and pure white glowing eyes. Princess, the last one, was wearing a loose red dress that went down to her knees and had short sleeves, black leggings, short black boots with silver buckles, a golden belt around her waist, a gold necklace with a large ruby pendant, a gold tiara, and a red masquerade mask with black and gold swirls. She looked expressionless, with black hair that fell to her waist, and stone cold pale green eyes. She was holding a steel sword.

My blood ran cold. Princess moved first, attempting to slash me to pieces with the sword. She managed to slash my stomach slightly, and I stumbled, the container falling out of my bag. I grabbed it and put it back in. Black Dragon was fighting with Jade Archer and Shifter, so he wasn't trapped I between the store and the heroes. I screamed, "Black, time to go!" and made a split second decision. I dodged Princess and ran instead near Guardian. He held his hands up in fists to get ready to fight, but I had analyzed his fighting stance a long time ago and kicked him in the stomach, which he always left wide open, causing him to wince in pain and allowing me to escape. 

Black Dragon and I ran. We stopped on the rooftop of the bank again, when we lost them, and I handed him the container. "Here, just tell Boss to give me payment later." Oh by the way, heroes don't always win. Stop living that fantasy and grow up. It's the strongest, most persistent, and smartest that wins. And that's me most of the time. I jumped back into the alley, transformed my clothes back, put my bag back in the dimension, and put the shadows back in the marks. I ran upstairs, and all the way home, knowing I had to treat the slight wound I had been given. 

Of course, I never expected what happened the next day, and I can only curse my sloppiness. 

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