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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Posted November 4th, 2019 by DreamDragon13

by Katherine
in Nevada

It had been a month since his demand. And they were safe. Boss had gotten very ticked off at me that I didn't have their identities... At least, that's what he thought. I had known them from even before when he asked, I was just a great lier. It hurt me, seeing them laugh and goof off while I was trapped. And it was my own fault. Boss sent me on another grand mission, and I was glad. Until the day he broke into the school. Himself.

It was the regular day, and no one expected the hidden master of villains to reveal himself. Neither did I. It was the middle of English when the alarms blared in that monotone voice, "Villian attack. Please stay calmly in the room and hide. Villian attack." Over and over and over. Usually, this just meant there was a villain attack anywhere in the general vicinity, even across town. The closest time a battle ended up in school was when I crashed into a second-story window, cracking it not breaking it, and slid to the ground. In my villain form, of course.

But this time, we heard footsteps down the hall and a thump, thump, thump on the door as we huddled together in the corner as the lights sparked and flicked, and blue sparks coming from a split wire. The door was thrown open, and Boss himself walked into the room, with Black Dragon and Assasain, a full black clothed woman with a black hood over her face so you couldn't see her features. The blue sparks spat out of the wire to form Sparky (lame, I know), a blonde boy that wore a white jumpsuit, blue boots, blue gloves, and a blue eyemask. His eyes were green, throwing the whole costume out of whack, but they turned pure eletric blue when he summoned lightning. I winced, knowing there was no escape. One of the members of the Original Four actually was going to launch themselves at the villains. I could tell because they were sitting right next to me. I placed a hand on their knee. 

I convinced the shadows to use a scar of my hand to leak out, rather than the marks on my face. They curled around my head, grinning, chuckling silently. Only audible to me... and Black Dragon. His eyes widened, and he was about to scream to Boss, but I sent a shadow into his mouth to shut him up, so he choked on his words. Boss started to monolgue about how the Original Four were fools for messing with him, and not knowing he was there. I smirked, knowing his attention wasn't on me. I crawled past even Assasain, to the door. Outside I could hear the Original Four fighting the villains, and saw a couple students lying on the floor. The shadows on my hand formed into an inky black knife. 

Suddenly, a villain threw a chair, and I had to cut it in half. The broken pieces made a noise that was very different from a chair hitting the ground to a trained professional. The villain turned around. Oh no. Oh no no no. It was HER.

I was in a royal ton of trouble here. 


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