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Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Posted November 2nd, 2019 by DreamDragon13

by Katherine
in Nevada

(Hey, just wanted to say sorry for the... triple post on Chapter 3. My thing glitched.)

I felt sick in Science. Maybe because we were doing dissections, but of course it wasn't. I leaned over, looked at the floor, and wondered why the room was spinning. This girl named Hyeon looked at me with slight concern in her eyes. "You okay?" I shook my head, then proceeded to barf. Hyeon called the teacher over, and I was sent to nurses' office. I immediately got sent home after.

That was weird, since I had never been sick after awakening the shadows. I consulted with the shadows in my head. Why did I get sick? I asked. Immediately, visions filled my head and the answer was found. The container had cracked, and when I touched it again, magic residue had leaked onto me. I felt it through my bloodstream suddenly, poisoning me. It hurt like crazy. I whimpered slightly and slipped my hoodie on as I crawled out the second story window onto the roof. I jumped off the roof, and felt pain shoot up my foot. The shadows would've usually softened the fall, but they were on the blink. I whimpered as I snuck down the street, and bumped into a girl. I fell on my butt, and the girl held out a hand. "Hey, you okay?" she asked softly. I took her hand and she helped me up. She immediately looked worried. "Hey, aren't you that girl that went home early? Hyeon told me and my friends about it." Oh yeah. She was part of a group of friends that included her, Hyeon, Warin, Thomas, and Jair. I groaned, and my legs started to buckle.

"Help... me..." I muttered under my breath. 


I woke up on a couch, with Jacki staring worriedly at me. “You sprained your ankle. How did that happen?” 

I looked anywhere but her. “I kinda... jumped off the the roof of my house.” Her eyes widened as she marveled at my lack of common sense.

“YOU IDIOT! What were you thinking? You could have gotten even more hurt!” She stopped when she saw my sick expression. She placed a hand on my forehead, and suddenly, I felt my sick feeling go away. She smiled widely, then quickly turned into a deep scowl. I stood up, wondering what I had done wrong. The shadows cackled in my head, and my foot felt as good as new. 

I looked back at her face, and saw the brown eyes filled with concern. Then it clicked. That meant... Oh no. Oh no. No. No no no no no. I ran out the door of her house. I was on a street right next to me. I went upstairs to the room and called Black Dragon.

“Hey, I was wondering, do you feel affected or anything? I realized the container we put the gem in cracked, and magic leaked out and got me sick.”

“No. I realized after you left that it was cracked, and was able to avoid magic residue. By the way, Boss wants to talk to you.” I nodded, and agreed to meet Boss the next day.

In the alley, Boss himself showed up. He was wearing a black mask, and a tan suit.

“I have the biggest job out of all of them.” I nodded, thinking it was rob a famous place or something. “No one has been able to accomplish it before, so I brought in the best.” The next words changed my world. “I want you to find the identities of the Original Four.” I was shocked.

“No,” I said. This had always worked before.


“No. I’m not comfortable with this.”

“You don’t have a choice.” Someone pulled my arms behind my back as he pulled out a switchblade. I gasped.

“No! I’m not going to do it!” 

My choices haunted me, especially the one I made just a few minutes later.

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