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Chapter IX

Chapter IX

Posted November 28th, 2019 by DreamDragon13

by Katherine
in Nevada

Most of the chapter is the vision/flashback.

Cyprus called out to Lux. "Lux, come here! There's a clearing over here!" They were in the forest. The forest was avoided by all, and talk was to fence it up or block it off. But the two nine year olds loved teh forest dearly. It held a strange sense of enchantment to them. Their parents would just smile and nod when they told of the creatures that lived there. The two friends were the closest in the world.

Lux ran over to Cyrprus, her blonde hair blowing in the wind behind her. Cyprus's smile lit up the dim forest, and his bright blue eyes were filled with excitement. His almost platinum blonde hair was falling in his face, so he crushed it away with a glazed hand. He was wearing a navy jacket that was slightly too big for him. Even though there was barely a size difference between the two, the jacket was far too large on Lux. He pulled her into the clearing. Lux gasped as she took in the soft green grass, the bright sunshine, and the small grey crystal in the center of the clearing. 

Cyprus smiled as he watched his close friend's adoration and excitement. She smiled so gently. He walked to the center, and leaned down to pick up the crystal. The moment he did, all chaos broke loose. He went flying, falling at the edge of the clearing. There was a strange patch of black over where his heart was, a a wound on his head. Lux ran over to her friend. But before she could kneel over to check on him, something hit her, suare in the chest, knocking her backwards, making her fall to her knees. She looked at her hands in panic, seeing her paling skin and black swirls and veins. She screamed, but her voice was lost in the black wind. It soon sunk into a small scrape on her knee, all the darkness. She sat there, sobbing, until someone came running up, and called an ambulance.

Cyprus was dead, there was no doubt about it. They gave Lux the jacket. And they never knew about the crystal slipped in the pocket or the shadows.

I pulled out of the vision. I felt the crystal's energy, and pulled the jacket closer.

Was it strange it still smelled like Cyprus?

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