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Chapter two-Unloved

Chapter two-Unloved

Posted April 25th, 2019 by mischief

by Cherith
in In the woods. Getting in trouble with ritzy people

Cheyeen rolled her eyes at Anthony's phony apology as she walked up to the Wendy's sparkling door. She whirled around to face him, her nutt brown hair spinning around her. Anthony had used her Jeep to ' see how if it worked' without even asking. That was not the worst. A friend had told her he'd completly ignored the speed limit. And by the way his eyebrow slightly arched. He was amused at her frustarion. '' Fine Anthony.'' Her sudden action though had dislodged her phone and it landed on the pure white side walk. Cheyeen saw the flash of shock in his eyes from her outburst. Before the look dissapeared and he dipped his body to retrieve her phone. It was only ten seconds. But it could have been eternity for Cheyeen. It could have not been a worse time. Her stomach turned. She hoped against good common sense that his interest had not been pricked. Already though, he'd proved he was interested in her. And hiding that from him that was near to impossaible. And that simple little mistake, was going to cost her a lot.


The next day.... '' So. You are the young man Corry adopted.'' Anthony shook his head zoning in to the beared man in the black leather chair. Anthony eyed the picture on the wall behind Allen. It was a picture of a pale golden girl. Her cheeks, slight tinged a strawberry pink. Her dark eyes were searching for something over her shoulder. A wide stream lay ahead. Hills father on. And she was terrifed. She should be. A girl that pretty and that young should not be alone. At night. In the forest, with a crazy dude chasing her shadows. '' Yes.'' He was trying to get hired. From' Allen's Lawn Care'. Anthony didn't think Allen liked him very much. Not that he cared. '' Can you trim bushes? Clean gutters? Paint wooden fences? Mow lawns in uniform order?'' He could work. He wasn't scard of that, but he was not a perfectness. '' Yeah.'' Anthony tucked a jet black strand of hair behind his ear and returned Allen's icy glare. '' Your heird. But just because Korry happens to be my cousin. Break a rule and your fired. Understand?" Anthony gave a short sharp nod.

The first custorm  was a handicapped man in his early twenties. His house looked drastically unused. And large for a signel lame man. And for the first time in his life, Anthony didn't feel so good about his body. It wasn't his fault, he told himself as he started the dark blue push mower. The motor roured to life and Anthony began one of many crocked yet trim lines. '' Hey kid!" A friendly voice called from the house. Anthony lifted the hem of his gray tee shirt and wipped his damp face. It was good that he had brought alot of deodrant. '' What?" He had better things to do then talk . Anthony's gaze swept up the man in a wheel chair on the porch. '' Come here.'' Anthony turned the mower off and started up the peeling while stairs. The man had a pitcher of lemonade, with ice flouting on the top. '' Yes?" He asked dryly. Andrew poured the sweet liquied into a glass that frosted up almost instantly. '' Thirsty?" Yes. '' Nah. I'm fine. Thanks though.'' The man patted a bright orange lawn chair. It looked good. Anthony made it a point to ignore the gesture. He was hear to create a yard out of the mess in front of this vegtable's home. Not to sip lemonade and talk about the good old days like an old man. He was sixteen-barley at that-not sixty-one. Nah that wasn't was bugging him. It was that sassy mini chic. Her aqua blue eyes. She had been terrifed when he snatched her phone. Like she was being caught red handed. And he hated the strong urge that waved in his chest. It meant something he didn't need. Or want. He was bounding with this crazy female. Not like a boyfriend-but like a over protective brother. With a touch of possesiveness. And there was no way in this world he wasn't going to investagate her phone. Not to be a stalker-or possesive-of creepy but there was no way he was going to let her deal with whatever she was dealing with-alone. He just hoped his stealing skills weren't rusty.

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