Charater's of " The sweet taste of Revenge

Charater's of " The sweet taste of Revenge

Posted May 18th, 2017 by mischief

by Brooke
in Georgia

David-  Main charater. { 14} 

Matt.- David's teen Uncle.{ 16} 

 Steven- Yonger brother of Matt, and uncle of David { 12}

Star- David's older sister.{ 17}

 Mr. Cole or Billy- Father of Star, Adam, and David. Brother to Steven and Matt. { 38}

 Willam Cole- Brother to Billy Steven and Matt Uncle to David. { 40}

 Heather- David's formal foster sister. { 13}

 Adam- Older brother of David.{15}

 Cindy- David's baby sister { 3 weeks}

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