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Choices: Chapter one

Choices: Chapter one

Posted December 23rd, 2020 by Cutecrittre9

by Kaitlyn
in British Columbia

Chapter one

You have 5 Lives. You are in a fantasy world that seems perfect. But its not. There is some sort of evil tribe that destroyed the portal that got you here and stole your magical stone that could re make the portal. Now you need to try and get it back.

1. You watch the tribe of monsters walk away and try to think of a plan. To follow them, go to two. To attack right here right now, Go to three.

2. You make a disguise out of mud, leaves, and old dragon scales and you follow them, so far, so good. To follow them to there base, go to four. To stop and find another plan, go to five

3. You grab a stick and use old dragon scales as armor and use the element of surprise to get the advantage. But you are outnumbered and die. Go back to one with minus 1 life.

4. You follow them but when you arrive at their base you need a secret code to get in. To spy and try to get the secret code, go to six. To find another plan go to five.

5. You jump into a bush and start thinking. You think about finding a new stone. To try to find a new stone, go to seven. To jump out and follow the tribe, go to four.

6. You hide in a bush and figure out the secret code (779538). To put in the code and take the risk of going into the base, go to eight. To find a new stone go to seven.

7. You go and talk to wise old unicorn. He says that the stone is very rare, and he will not waste another one. To shout and get mad at unicorn, go to nine. To find a way into the base, go to four.

8. You punch in the code and sneak into base. Well done.

9. You get mad at unicorn, great! You are dead! One life is gone. Well done.

To continue this story go to chapter two.

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