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The Christmas catastrophe - Chapter 2 - The Rude awakening {literally}

The Christmas catastrophe - Chapter 2 - The Rude awakening {literally}

Posted January 28th, 2020 by Olivinat

by Ryoko
in the Middle of Nowhere (Wisconsin)

Chapter 2 – The Rude Awakening {Literally}

          Olivia woke to footsteps nearby. She was in a small prison cell. She was lying on the hard metal barring that was a bed. She got up and looked around Olivia saw a guard and it smirked at her. Across from her she saw a kid that had gone missing last year. She was imprisoned in Santa’s Lair! That night Olivia still hadn’t eaten since that granola { Aàbar many hours ago. She had lost track of time in the prison. A guard came by and dropped a small container of rice and some green beans on the food tray, opened the small door at the bottom of the cage, and slide the food in. Olivia ate quickly and was soon finished. The guard walked away. Olivia looked around and saw he had forgotten to close the food hole. Olivia started to think. That night she reached out and grabbed the map off the guard’s belt and studied it. She figured out that she was in cell 13. She figured out that if she was ever taken out she might be able to grab the keys and escape. The next day Olivia was hulled out and dragged past all the cells and into a private chamber. There were five small stand cells. Olivia was shoved into one, she saw Emily was in the cell next to her.

        “Emily so this is where you disappeared to! Where are Roen and Jack?” Olivia sputtered

        “I “disappeared” first so how should I now? But Roen is in cell 6 across from me, I’m in cell 16.” Emily informed

        “I’m in cell 13 and across from me is that kid that went missing last year.” Olivia replied

        “Shut up!” A guard threatened meanly, “The boss will be coming to inspect the prisoners and you can’t talk when in his presents.”

        “The boss? Does he mean Santa?” Emily whispered

        Suddenly Roen was pushed into the cell next to Olivia.

        “Where is Jack?” Roen asked, “Because I didn’t see him when we walked past all the cells, I’m in cell 6. A kid in cell 7 was making too much noise so I got dragged over there and went past all the cells. Jack wasn’t in there so I figured he must be in here.

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very nice!!! very

very nice!!! very suspenseful. i think maybe the first paragraph could be broken into two or three smaller ones (paragraph breaks generally go wherever you skip around in time)
keep it up!!

Posted by swallowtail on Sat, 02/01/2020 - 15:42

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