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The Christmas Catastrophe - Chapter3 - UPDATED - NEW

The Christmas Catastrophe - Chapter3 - UPDATED - NEW

Posted May 15th, 2021 by Olivinat

by Ryoko
in the Middle of Nowhere (Wisconsin)

Chapter 3 – Escape

            He walked over and peered into the cages.

            “Why are we here?” Mary asked him, “We haven’t been bad!”

            He chuckled, “Oh, I need some youths to test.”

            With that he left the room. they were dragged back to our cells, but this time, Liam was in C1, (cell 1) Mary was in C2, Mark was in C3, and Jack was in C4.

            “Hola!” Mary shouted crazily loud.

            “SHHH!” A guard warned.

            “We will talk tonight.” Liam  whispered.

            At midnight, Liam made sure the guard was asleep and woke the others with a long fake snore. Mary started giggling.

            “How are we going to get out?” Jack skipped the pleasantry.

            “I had an idea.” Mary whispered, “We get the keys and run!”

            Jack found the flaw in that plan, “How do we get the keys?”

            “I don’t know.” Mary admitted after a pause.

            “We could hide under or beds, and when the guard looks for us, we take the keys and lock him in!” mark thought.

            “Problem, there are two guards.” Liam replied.

            Everyone thought for a minute.

            “I have an idea! We take the keys off the sleeping guard, unlock ourselves, and sneak out through the air vent!” Liam decided

            “When?” Mark asked, “Tonight?”

            “Yeah. We should do it tonight. What if tomorrow Santa ‘tests’ us?”

            “Ok. In two hours.” Liam whispered, “see you then!”

            Two hours slowly pass by. When the time finally come, Liam awoke the others.

            “Time to go”

            Liam grabbed to keys and unlocked first his cage, then the others.

            Liam boosted Mary into the vent and Mary helped the others up. Liam locked the cages and returned the keys to the guard. Then he climbed into the vent.

            “Why did you do that?” Mark asked.

            “I did it so that it seemed like we disappeared. That way the others might have options on possible escape routes.” Liam replied quietly

            They crawled through the vent and left the building. They traveled home.

             When they got home, They hugged their parents and told them the whole story.

            Their parents called the police and told them. Santa was shut down in a month. (because it took a while to get there)

            The kids never heard the name ‘Sant’s Lair’ or ‘Santa’ ever again. The Easter Bunny took over the job of Santa, and they lived happily ever after.


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