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Clashing Swords - Chap. 2

Clashing Swords - Chap. 2

Posted December 23rd, 2020 by Olivinat

by Ryoko
in the Middle of Nowhere (Wisconsin)

        The hole went on for a while. Then I fell into a metal floor in some kind of “Lab.” I called up to Sara to jump.

        When Sara came down I flicked on my flashlight. The Lab looked well kept (not a good sign!) we walked out into a hall, and saw a med-bay across from us. Down the hall we saw a cafe, and some kind of storage unit. We checked out the storage unit. We found empty boxes. We kept walking until we heard a noise. “Duck!” we hid and watched as to armored figures walked by.

        “What was that? Sara asked, “Should we follow them?”

        We followed them and followed them. Suddenly we passed a sign that said, “CAUTION! TESTING ZONE!”

        “We should check this out.” We walked farther until we came to a room. It had a killing machine in the corner and a bio tank in the middle. And you will never guess who was in the bio tank! ZOE! She was asleep. That is when Sara realized that there were heads on the wall.  We saw Luke’s head! That is when I realized they were looking for something. And the head were of people who didn’t have it. There was a red light under the heads. We looked on a control panel and saw  a light that was red. Suddenly Sara pulled me under a table. Men came in and took Zoe out of the case. They put her head in the killing machine and killed her in front of us.”

        Sam broke into tears, but quickly whipped them away and continued.

        “That was when I saw Mark Haritos and Officer Sacramento’s heads on the wall.

        They put Zoe’s head on the wall and brought in Emma. They put her in the chamber and left. Sara and I left the room. We kept walking. Then... we turned a corner and ran into a guard. He grabbed me but Sara managed to run. They threw me into the chamber. It was like sitting in warm comfortable slime. I felt tired but managed to stay awake. The guards started to whisper and then one ran off. I moved around and saw the light. It was green. I had whatever they were looking for.

         A cloaked man walked in and muttered, “Take him to the extraction room.”

        They yanked me out. That is when I saw mom’s, Dad’s, and Emma’s heads on the wall. They dragged me into a room and strapped me into a machine. They stepped behind a blast shield and were about to flip a switch when something happened.

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Oh man, everyone is dying!!

Oh man, everyone is dying!! Frick 

did they need to die? possible resurrection later? 

Sara might still be alive, that's good.

Again, poor Sam. 


Good yard,

(Warmest regards)


Posted by Tía Snow on Fri, 01/22/2021 - 20:16

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