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A Closed-Off World

A Closed-Off World

Posted December 1st, 2017 by SilverMoon

by solivagant
in timately acquainted with the void

Alright, what I'm about to spam the NSP with is a poetry collection I had to write for English class inspired by the novel Life of Pi. Just like, fun fact or whatever.

I tried out various poetic structures in this collection and I will give credit where credit is due. This first poem is of a poetic form called the Bop. Check out more info here on Writer's Digest: http://www.writersdigest.com/editor-blogs/poetic-asides/personal-updates/poetic-form-the-bop.

A Closed-Off World


The ship went down in the blink of an eye

and disappeared without a trace but for

a single lifeboat drifting through the waves,

this single survivor trapped at sea,

a locked cage of animals and desperation

where every day is a fierce battle to survive.


There was only this small floating zoo and the ocean.


Here you looked death in the face every day

and there was no room for humanity,

death and blood a necessity in order to stay alive;

it seemed like no one was there to listen

and no hope left to cling to-- even the dim flame

of survival seemed too difficult to keep from

getting doused. The endless solitude too vast

to breathe in, the closed-off world too small.


There was only this small floating zoo and the ocean.


Yet the acceptance of inevitable death

brings calm and ties you to the living.

It allows for the taming of your own fear,

these beasts, this boat, this sea, allows for

a static peace like doldrums. Without fear or

hope of being saved you will survive


as long as there is only this small floating zoo and the ocean.

Also, MAN school is busy, but I haven't given up on KidPub just yet. Aside from this poetry collection, I'll soon be posting about the 2017 yearbook.

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