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Club Penguin Fan Fic (Chapter Three)

Club Penguin Fan Fic (Chapter Three)

Posted August 31st, 2017 by CatKeeper

by CatKeeper (Julia)
in My little fantasy worlds

Chapter Three



Ah was just hanging out, until ah saw some girl dive into a bush after a puffle! ah thought, jus a girl chasin’  a  run’way puffle.  But som’in made meh go on afer ‘er.

Ah poked meh head in there, an’ ah saw about 30 puffles in ‘ere. The girl an’ ‘er puffles seemed tuh be havin’ a conversation. ah listened in. “But… why?” she was sayin’. “why did you all run away?”

I thought, that girl reminds me of some’on. Buh who?  Then ah saw ‘em. ‘er headphones. Then ah realized who sheh was. I rushed to ‘er.

“You’re Grace banubi!” ah exclaimed. “DJ Candace’s daughter!”

Grace blushed an’ said,  “Yes, I am, but how did you know?”

“It was simple!” i said. “Yah headphones!”

Grace blushed again, and replied, “ I like yah accent!” We both cracked up at this.

“It’s just something i like to do.” I said, non accented. You see, if I had had my accent on, I would've said, 'I’s jus som’in ah like tuh do.'  “Do you want me to not use it all the time?” I asked. “It’s not a thing that I like, need to do every single second of the day.”

“No, no, go right ahead. I like it.” Grace replied.

“Ah’kay.” Ah said back. “So, wuz de story wit all deze puffles?” “

"Oh, one of ‘em, this one here,” she said as she picked up da one ah’d seen ‘er chasin’ earlier, "taught me that i haven’t been taking very good care of all my puffles.” as sheh said dis, sheh gestured teh all deh puffles dere!  

“Whoa,” I said. “those are all youse’s puffs?”

“Yep!” she said. “I’ve been adopting them for a looooooooooong time!”

“'Ey, ah’m a half-time reporter fer de CP tahmes, can ah write an article about the way yah an’ yah puff’s communicate?” Ah said.

Grace responded, “Sure!”  Ah pulled out meh notebook and started teh ask some questions.

A while later, de sun wuz goin’ down an’ ah had an epic article almost already written!  “Well, it’s getting late.” Grace said, and yawned. “You know, this was fun. You wanna do it again sometime?”  

“Sure! That’d beh great!” ah replied. Then weh both set out fahr ‘ome.

An ‘our late’r, ah took out meh phone an’ pressed, request friend. Den ah typed, Grace447. Den ah pressed send. Ah sat down in meh swivel chair an’ waited. A few min’s late’r, meh phone buzzed. Ah turned i’ on an’ looked at i’. I’ said, you are now friends with Grace447. “Yes!” ah yelled. “Whoooo hooooooo!” Ah sat down teh text Garrett. Garrett ‘as been meh friend eve’r since ah wuz born. ‘E’s real nice too. ‘E uses de same accent ah do, ‘e always’ fair, dat kinda stuff. Ah texted, dude! dj candace's’ daughter just said “yes” to my friend request!  

Garrett soon texted back: Seriously? how’d you trick her into it?  Soon our texts were like a conversation.

Me: i didn’t! i actually got to know her!

Garrett: wow! can you introduce me soon?

Me: i sure can!

Garrett: how soon?

Me: let me ask her!

At dis, ah called Grace an’ asked ‘er if sheh wan’ed teh meet meh in da snow forts, tehmorrow mornin’, as soon as sheh could get dere. an’ sheh said yes! ah also told ‘er sheh’d be meetin’ one of meh buds. Sheh also accepted. Once again ah texted Garrett.

Me: meet me in the snow forts tomorrow morning, as soon as you can get there!

Garrett: kk :)

Me: don’t oversleep!

Garrett: kk

De next mornin’ couldn’t come soon enough.


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