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Club Penguin Fan Fic (Chapter Two)

Club Penguin Fan Fic (Chapter Two)

Posted August 29th, 2017 by CatKeeper

by CatKeeper (Julia)
in My little fantasy worlds

Chapter two



I was very worried. Ever since I adopted Lulu, my puffles stopped eating their food. I was about to give Lulu back to the store when I got the idea to buy some new puffle food.

I went out to the pet shop and looked at the puffle food, and even got a bag of special puffle treats. I figured the puffles would like them.

But when I got back, all the puffles were gone, and there were tiny beds and a tiny salon chair and some weird machine all over the floor. And then, even more surprising, Lulu climbed out from under the bed!

And she had a note! I read the note. It said, thes ees reel pufl stuf. “Oh!” I exclaimed. “Do you mean that this stuff is what you’re supposed to use for puffles?” Lulu nodded.

“How long has this been here?” Lulu shrugged with her tiny ickle shoulders. "Oh, this must've been my grandfather's! He loved puffles! He bought me my first one!

"But how did you know this was under the bed?” I asked. Lulu wrote another note: i thot i saw et wen i furst got heree. “Does this say, I thought I saw it when I first got here?” I pressed. Lulu nodded again!

“WOW!” I exclaimed. “Can I ask you everything about the puffles?” Once more, Lulu nodded.


One very long speaking/writing conversation later, I knew everything about puffles’ lives.

“I have one more question.” I said. “Where are all the other puffles? Lulu stared at me, then took off! I chased after her. Then she slid through a bush. “Come back!” I wailed.

So I pushed my way through the bush too.


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