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The Taste.... [My short story]

The Taste.... [My short story]

Posted March 9th, 2019 by pheonixa12

by Ava
in Cork

My name is Saria West,I'm 34 years old,I'm married to a 36 year old man named Joe and we have a 4 year old daughter named Liara.Now my husband always talked kind of strangely but I always ignored it thinking it was just the way he spoke.But then something horrible happened that scarred me and my daughter for life.

It was just barely dawn and I was already up and ironing the freshly washed clothes.I then put the clothes away and started washing the floors and windows.By the time I was finished it was 7 am and I began making the breakfast for my family.My husband came downstairs at 8 am and ate his breakfast quickly before rushing off to work after about another hour I brought my daughter downstairs for her breakfast.         LATER THAT DAY 

My husband came home laterthat day and was playing with our daughter.Then he said something a little odd but I dismmissed it because it was just a phrase ''Oh darling I could just eat you up'' It wasn't that odd but the phrase chilled me to the bone.....

About a week later it was valentines day and my husband was cooking dinner.I came home from work to smell delicious food.My husband had never cooked something that smelled so good!I put down my bag in the hallway.I thought it was a little strange that my daughter wasn't there to greet me but the divine smell coming from the kitchen distracted me and I forgot all about her.I entered the kitchen and saw my husband stirring something in a pot.I then saw the table,it had a beautifully patterned tablemat and it had a candlabra of rose scented candles in  the middle of the table.There were two champagne glasses filled to he top.My husband smiled at me and stopped stirring to pull my chair out for me ''Milady'' I chuckled slightly.He put a ladle into the dish he had been stirring and poured it into a bowl for me.It looked like some kind of soup.He poured himself a bowl and sat down beside me.I was overcome by the powerful aroma and before I even realized,I was sipping the soup.It was like heave had come to earth and landed inide my mouth.The flavours danced on my tounge,the spice worked well with the sour and the sweet just made it all perfect.There were a million flavours on my tongue but before I knew it the soup had all been eaten.After me and my husband talked and flirted for a whie my thoughts drifted to our daughter '. Darling?'' I asked him ''Have you seen Liara?'' He hesitated slightly like he was thinking but quickly responded ''She is with uncle Harry'' I nodded then excused myself by saying '' Sorry,I think I have diarrheoa'' My husband nodded a little taken aback and I rushed out.I called my brother Harry and he said Liara was not with him.I then became worried.I did actually think I might have diarrhoea so I headed for the bathroom door which I always got confused with the basement door.I pushed the basement door open accidentaly and before I could stop myself I was flying down the stairs like diarrhoea out of an ass.I fell on the basement floor butt picked myself up [You will see butt puns from now on]     I stared around the basement in horror.Isaw my daughter hanging from the ceiling by a rpe tied to one of her legs,the other leg was missing.

I was in shock.Had myhusband done this?What he done with the leg? Then it hit me.My husband and I had eaten it. I was horrifed and immediatly called the police.

Apparently he almost killed our daughter.He was sentenced to life in prison and me and my daughter had to undergo years of therapy but the horrs never left my poor girl.

And the taste never left me.........

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This is pretty good, but a

This is pretty good, but a bit of advice would be to change the title. That way, it doesn't give away the twist at the end and it would therefore be a much more shocking reveal!

Posted by echo (*Jill*) on Tue, 03/12/2019 - 06:36

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