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Colors: Chapter Eleven

Colors: Chapter Eleven

Posted August 10th, 2017 by FrostBittenKitten

by Luna {semi-hiatus}
in The heights

Once they arrived at the hospital, Theo and Violet eased Jeff onto a bed and left quickly, so the nurses and doctors could do their job.  Theo prayed that whatever happened, the shadows wouldn't win.  After he got out of the hospital, he was confronted by Wheat.  "What happened?" she asked with concern.

"Weren't you there?" replied Theo, curious.  Most of the Colors were there, including the more shy ones like Lola Fawn, who was in his Kingdom.

"Yes, but I could barely see, I was in the back," complained Wheat with a small smile.  Theo smiled back.  Then he grimaced, remembering.

"Jeff was fighting unfairly, and then he revealed he was using the Bright Star to win.  After that, the Grisi Extine attacked him from the inside, since they must have had a link," he replied.  Wheat frowned.

"Well, I hope everything's okay," she said.

"Yeah, me too," agreed Theo.  "See you around."

Wheat nodded, but looked a bit conflicted.  "Yeah, see you," she said.  Theo was a bit confused as she turned and walked off, but shrugged it off.  He continued to walk, then was approached by a girl from his own Kingdom, Lola.

"Hi, Lola," he said, a bit surprised she was talking to him.  He was, after all, a much higher rank.  She looked so young, even compared to him, as he was only fifteen.  Lola's wispy dirty blonde hair fell down her small back, and her wide sage eyes peered up at him, much taller than her short frame.

"What happened?" she asked.  Once again Theo was confused.  Why did people keep asking him this?

"Weren't you there?" he repeated.

"Yes," she said.  "But I was confused."

"Okay," Theo replied.  "Tell you what.  I'll call a meeting soon and explain it and ask the other Rainbow Colors to call meetings as well so everyone knows what happened."  Lola nodded and walked away.  Theo rushed off to his room before anyone else could ask him about what happened.  It was then that he wondered what the loners would do.  They'd find out eventually, but it would have to be either from Wheat or just from the grapevine, as they had no leader.  At least that was what Theo thought.


Coral stood in front of the group of loners, surveying the scene.  There were about thirty of them, all shades of pink or brown or something, unclaimed or kicked out.  She smiled, satisfied that everyone was she wanted was there.  "Hello, loners," she called, projecting her voice.  Even though she was young, being only ten, she was one of the leaders of the loners.  "Wheat here has something to tell us."  The girl next to her smiled shyly, smoothing out her glossy blonde hair,

"Hi, I'm Wheat, as you may know," she said.  "So Theo, the Keeper of Green, told me what happened at the duel today.  Apparently Jeff has been meddling with the shadows, not only that but the Grisi Extine."  Several people gasped.  "I know, I know.  Anyway, he was cheating by using the Bright Star, and so when he revealed this, letting Allyson win, the Grisi Extine tried to kill him from the inside.  We have yet to know whether or not it succeeded."

"Thank you, Wheat," said Coral politely.  She wasn't usually very polite, but to get to where she was, she had to act like it in front of a crowd.  She smirked.  "This might be our chance to come up a bit in the world.  The Rainbow Colors and their kingdoms need our help.  There is a prophecy and if one of us is chosen, they'll definitely think twice about excluding us.  For years they have ignored us and just let us run rampant and homeless and hungry, but no more!"  The crowd cheered.  "Now, the loners will be more than the scapegoats of society!"  Coral grinned.  They probably were wondering how a ten year old knew such a big word.  

Another girl, older than either Coral or Wheat, and closer to her late teens, standing next to Wheat, spoke up.  Her name was Maggie, and her color was Magenta.  Her black hair fell in ringlets to her waist and her olive skin looked as smooth as ever.  "Coral is right!" she agreed.  She was one of the co-leaders of the loners as well.  "We will seize this chance to become part of society and to be more than just the beggars and the invisible!  We will become the strongest group in this entire realm!  We will fight the Grisi, and we will win!"  More cheers followed her statement.  She turned to Wheat and Coral.  "Girls, I think we're done here," she said in a more normal volume.


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Yes! There is another

Yes! There is another chapter for me to read! This is such a good story with a very intricate and unique plot, I love it

"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." - Shakespeare

Posted by Vivace on Fri, 08/25/2017 - 18:48

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