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Colors: Chapter Fifteen (mild language warning)

Colors: Chapter Fifteen (mild language warning)

Posted October 7th, 2017 by FrostBittenKitten

by Luna {semi-hiatus}
in The heights

Jeff woke up, gasping.  Aiden jumped nearly a foot, which was hard considering how injured he was.  "Holy freaking crap!  You scared the hell out of me!" Aiden yelled.  Everyone in the hospital wing turned to look at that statement.  Aiden blushed.  He didn't usually curse.  Soon enough, a crowd had amassed around Jeff's hospital bed.  The poor boy was gasping and breathing hard, looking as pale as a sheet and drained of color.  His dark brown hair seemed duller, and his normally sharp gray eyes had lost some of their focus.  

"Jeff?  Are you okay?" Aiden asked, scared.  "Jeff?"

"Jeff...isn't...my name," Jeff gasped.  Aiden noticed a sheen of sweat on Jeff's face.

"What do you mean, man?" Aiden demanded.  "Don't give up on me!"  Aiden's desperation grew as Jeff struggled harder.

"Jeff is...dead," Jeff replied, each word seeming like a fight.

"...what?" asked Aiden.  Jeff fought to say something else, his color draining even more.

"Someone get a tonic to help him!" Indy shouted from the crowd.  She was the only one who wasn't gaping at Jeff.  Two nurses quiclky turned and ran off to find something to help Jeff.

"I'm...so tired," muttered Jeff.

"No, don't fall asleep buddy!  Stay with me!" screamed Aiden.  We need you, he added silently.  Without your intel, we have no way to really win the war with the Grisi.

The nurses came back with a few bottles with various labels and colors.  They took turns giving some to Jeff, whose color returned little by little, still struggling but noticeably less so.  Still, Jeff looked like he was on his final few breaths.

"Someone get Violet!" Aiden shrieked.  "Indy, go get her!"  Indy nodded and took off.  Everybody knew that Violet was the closest Rainbow Color to unlocking the secrets of the Grisi and the Cryum.  The nurses continued to feed Jeff the mixtures, and Jeff continued to slowly gain color.  Too slowly, Aiden realized.  If they didn't do something soon, Jeff was a goner.

To Aiden it felt like an eternity before Indy came back.  She wasn't alone, but Violet wasn't with her.  Peri was.

"What are you doing?  I asked you to bring Violet!  Jeff is dying, dammit!" Aiden cursed.

"Violet's gone for the moment," Peri explained.

"What do you mean, gone?!" Aiden asked incredously.  "What could she possibly be doing?!"

Peri had sworn to secrecy about her friend's trip to get the Ultra Violet.  She knew it wouldn't take Violet much longer, but was not willing to give her plan away, especially since she was sure that Aiden would not approve of it.  

Then someone else stepped forward, having heard about the events taking place.  Her hair was dripping wet, and she was only wearing a sweatshirt and shorts.  "I can help," she volunteered.

"Allyson?" asked Aiden, softening a bit.

"I can help," she repeated.  "I know a small bit of Cryum, maybe I could help.  I need some Rainbow Paint, which is in a locked compartment with only one key."  She looked Aiden straight in the eyes as she said this.  "Where is it?"

"I...don't know where it is," Aiden admitted softly.

"What?!" Now it was Allyson's turn to be angry.  

"I usually wear it as a necklace under my clothes but I lost it when the Grisi attacked me," Aiden muttered, looking down in shame.  Allyson's stomach fell.  Now what were they supposed to do?  Jeff was recovering, but not fast enough.

For a moment there was an agonizing silence, nothing spoken except for Jeff's gasping.  Then a voice piped up from the back of the crowd.  "I know where it is," a boy in a wheelchair near the edge of the crowd.  

"Then get it!" commanded Aiden, stunned but also a bit angry at this kid for taking it.  Then relieved as well, glad that the shadows hadn't gotten to it.  The boy said something to Indy and then she took off and came back several precious moments later with the key.  It was old and rusted and fairly simple, but seemd to exude an aura of power.  Then one of the head nurses rushed off with the key and came back a moment later with a vial of liquid that was every color at once and exuded an aura of power, just like the key had.

Allyson took the vial and pulled the top off.  She poured a little bit of the stuff onto her hand and with the pointer finger of her opposite hand, she drew a few symbols on Jeff's pale face.  It helped more than the medicine had seemed to, but not quite enough.  "Ashaino liako hiniao kiok asfk," Allyson muttered.  She hoped it would work.  For a moment, color returned to Jeff's face, then he resumed struggling to stay alive.  "Oh no," muttered Allyson.

Then Violet strode into the room, holding some Mist and the Ultra Violet itself.  "What are you doing?" she asked Allyson authoritatively.  "I'm going to do something that is taboo, something I never would have done on a Rainbow Color, but since Jeff is no longer a Rainbow Color..."  She faded off.  Then she turned  to Jeff.  "Are you willing to give up everything if you can only live for one more week?"

For a horrifying moment Jeff looked like he was in too much pain to respond, then he choked out one word.  "Yes."

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Oh this is still going on?!

Oh this is still going on?! I'll have to catch up on this soon! <3

~Stargazer (Co-write with Hyacinth) // A world of magic and everything in between... You won't want to miss out.

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