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Colors: Chapter Ten (I will continue this!!)

Colors: Chapter Ten (I will continue this!!)

Posted August 10th, 2017 by FrostBittenKitten

by Luna {semi-hiatus}
in The heights

A/N: Over 900 reads on chapter one??  What the heck??  I'm so happy thank you all so much!  I'm going to try my best to actually finish something for once so here you go!  Colors chapter ten!


Allyson paced the Rainbow Courtyard.  It was only one minute to noon now, and if Jeff was late that would be something she (and probably everyone else) could use against him.  She knew that he didn't deserve to the be Keeper of Orange, as that was her birthright.  He had used the powers of the Grisi to get where he was, she was sure of it.  If only she had the proof he wasn't who he said he was, because the little evidence she had would only convince one or two of the Rainbow Colors, and she needed more people on her side than that.  The clock struck noon.  Jeff was late.

Jeff rushed into the Rainbow Courtyard, panting.  "I'm here!" he said, out of breath.  "I'm on time!"

"No, you're not," retorted Allyson.  "I said noon sharp, not a few seconds after twelve.  Rainbow Colors are supposed to be punctual."  Murmurs of agreement rippled through the crowd that had gathered, boosting Allyson's confidence.  

"The important part is that I'm here," snapped Jeff, straightening and looking imtimidating now as he glared at her.  "So are we coming to begin, or what?"  For a moment the two of them stared each other down.

"Okay, okay, guys chill," said Theo, who was officiating the duel.  Jeff and Allyson both directed their glares to him, and he just gave an easygoing smile in return.  "So, you both know the rules, I assume.  Use your powers; go until someone either dies, is too injured to fight, or surrenders; no foul play; and in this case, winner is the Keeper of Orange."  The people in the crowd who were Orange Colors looked very apprehensive.  "Okay, and transform!" Theo yelled.

"ORANGE!!" Jeff and Allyson shouted at once.  They both had orange hair now, and Allyson wore a knee length dress with sleeves between shoulder and elbow length that had orange lace on them with some orange boots, while Jeff had an orange coat, pants, and sneakers.  They glared at each other once again.

"Ready, set, duel!" Theo shouted, backing away from the middle of the courtyard and joining with a few other Colors of Green.  Theo watched nervously, not quite as easygoing now that the duel had truly started.  He was worried for both of them.

Allyson sent lightning flying towards Jeff, knocking him down but Jeff got right back up, quicker than Allyson would have thought possible.  He fired more lightning right back at her, and she stayed on the ground for longer than he had.  Hadn't someone said that Jeff hadn't mastered the Orange element yet?  It seemed they were wrong.  Jeff attacked her again before she could get up, and pretty soon she was already feeling pain.  Though Allyson probably had little chance of winning at this point, Jeff didn't happy about it like she thought he would.  In fact, he looked distressed and even guilty.  He attacked again swiftly, just as Allyson got onto her feet.  He blasted her with shards of bright light, leaving bruises and hurting her more than before.  He kept sending a lot of light and bursts of orange at her, and she got the occasional retaliation, but not much.  She didn't think she could last much longer but kept fighting with everything she had nonetheless.

The punishing blows hurt more and more each time, and Jeff never seemed to tire.  But in spite of what Allyson thought about him, she saw a glimmer of something truly Colorlike in his eyes, instead of the Grisi she was expecting.  He sighed as she hit him with another blow, but didn't fight back.  She attacked again, and again he did nothing.  Allyson was confused.  Jeff was clearly winning, she was nearly done.  Why was he just standing there?  The crowd seemed to realize this too.  There was a mixture of boos and cheers for him.  Then he stepped toward her, and she braced herself.

"Allyson," Jeff said.  "I'm sorry."  He put his hand under his shirt and brought out a necklace that confused her.  Why was he showing her a necklace?  Then she gasped.  It was the Bright Star!  He had been cheating the whole time!  Theo realized this as well, Allyson noted, as he stepped back into the space where the duel was taking place.  Neither side had attacked in about a minute.

"Jeff, man what are you doing?" Theo asked, giving him a pained look.  "Okay well...Allyson wins!"  Allyson was unable to completely contain her excitement.  She was a Rainbow Color at last!  Jeff was going to be banished now, and suddenly she wasn't so sure he deserved that fate.

Jeff suddenly bent over in pain, and everyone looked confused or shocked.  Tears began to leak from Jeff's eyes.  "I'm sorry," he muttered.  The pain began to be greater and greater, at least it appeared that way.

"What's happening?" asked Theo, panicking.  "Are you okay, Jeff?"

"It's the Grisi!" exclaimed Indy from in the crowd.  Allyson turned. 

"What?" she inquired.

"You heard me," said Indy.  "It's the Grisi.  Only the Grisi Extine has such power, and Jeff must have been in his service.  Don't you see?  That's why he cheated!  That's why he's so secretive!  And now that he's doing the right thing, the Grisi Extine is punishing him."

"What do we do?" Allyson asked, now realizing maybe Jeff wasn't as horrible as she'd thought, if he was fighting the Grisi Extine itself.  

"We can use our powers to form a circle around him to protect him," suggested Violet, stepping forward as well.  "If Theo, you, and I all use our powers and form a circle around him it should be enough.  VIOLET!!"

"GREEN!!" Theo added.  "Let's do this."

Violet, Theo, and Allyson grabbed hands and formed a circle around Jeff.  The life was draining from his eyes, and Allyson didn't think he'd last much longer.  "Now, follow after me," said Violet, struggling to stay calm.  "Hasinu jilkano, notana gojinmo asoklo potaoi," she chanted.  The others copied her, trying to get the pronounciation correct.  They did this multiple times, and each time the Grisi seemed to leave Jeff a little more.  After several tense minutes, Violet declared they were done.  Jeff slumped over, collasping onto the pavement.

"Is he going to be okay?" asked Allyson.

"Is he even alive?" wondered Theo.

"We have to get him to the hospital, stat," replied Violet, as she and Theo took Jeff into their arms and went out of the Rainbow Courtyard as fast as they could.  Allyson hoped he would be okay, even after everything he'd done.

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Posted by Lila Violet;) on Fri, 08/11/2017 - 15:08
Yep I'm finally getting off

Yep I'm finally getting off my lazy butt and continuing it XD

Please read: http://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/colors-chapter-one-2047144754

Posted by palaces out of ... on Fri, 08/11/2017 - 20:03
Love It !!!!!!!! I will keep

Love It !!!!!!!! I will keep reading it! I love your originality with this amazing idea!

"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." - Shakespeare

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