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Colors: Chapter Thirteen

Colors: Chapter Thirteen

Posted August 12th, 2017 by FrostBittenKitten

by Luna {semi-hiatus}
in The heights

Aiden looked at Jeff as he slept, wondering about the sequence of events that had brought him here.  He had obviously lost the duel, but Aiden was curious as to how.  He was about to resign himself to not knowing for a while, until Allyson came into the room they were both being held in.  There were plain white hospital beds all down each wall.  Aiden was on Jeff's right and in a much better state than him.  

"Allyson!" exclaimed Aiden.  "What happened?"

Allyson sighed.  "Jeff was cheating during the duel, using the Bright Star," she explained.  "He admitted to cheating and then the shadow lord attacked him through their connection.  Evidently, Jeff was in cahoots with the shadows and they wanted him to beat me.  I think they want me dead."

"Jeff had been helping the Grisi Extine?" asked Aiden, wide-eyed.

"Shhh," hissed Allyson.  "But yes, it would appear that he and the shadow lord were working together.  Though since this display I think Jeff may be on our side now.  Speaking of Jeff, what do we do with him?  There can't be two Oranges, and this hasn't happened in a long time.  What was his Color before he became the Keeper of Orange?"

"I...I'm not sure," admitted Aiden.  "I remember that John was pumpkin before he was trained to be the Keeper of Orange.  But it's not like the Rainbow Colors are their originial Color for a large amount of time.  I was amaranth."

"I was perssimon," muttered Allyson.  "I was the one who was supposed to replace John.  Speaking of which, won't they want to replace you in about a year?"

"Probably," sighed Aiden.  "The life of Rainbow Color is a short one.  I can already feel the powers taking a toll on me."  When a Rainbow Color was replaced by another Color who had been training for years to become the next one of whatever Rainbow Color they were, it was because the old Rainbow Color had died.  Because of their great amount of power, Rainbow Colors only lived to be eighteen or nineteen.  The powers of the Rainbow Colors sucked away their life force gradually, just like any other Color, but their powers worked much, much faster than a regular Color's and so shortened their lifespan by a lot.  John had lived to be nearly twenty before it was too much and he Faded, which was the Color word for died.  It meant your unique shade of your Color Faded from existence, and sometime later another of the same Color could be born.  It was very rare for there to be more than one of the same Color at a time, and some people thought the next person with the same Color was a reincarnation of the last person with that Color.  It was an optimistic way of thinking, especially for Rainbow Colors.

"You're already eighteen, though," said Allyson.  "You've lived a decent life already."

"Speaking of our ages, aren't you like sixteen now?" asked Aiden.

"Yeah," admitted Allyson with a slight blush.  "I'm going to be seventeen much too soon."

"So you're already the second oldest Rainbow Color then," Aiden added.  "You and Jeff are close to the same age.  At least, I thought you were.  After this whole Grisi business I don't know what to think.  I wonder if the people would've been happier if you were young, like Sunny, and replaced Jeff through a duel."

Allyson shrugged.  "What's done is done," she said.  "It doesn't matter now.  So I'm guessing Jeff won't be attending the meeting tomorrow?"

"You guessed right, as he isn't a Rainbow Color anymore," Aiden responded.

"Everything's happening so fast," Allyson sighed.

"Tell me about it," agreed Aiden.


"What is your problem?" demanded Sunny.

"Excuse me?" asked Juliet, startled.  Sunny hardly ever got angry at anyone or was anything other than a cheerful ray of sunshine most of the time, either.  It was perplexing to see her cherubic face look so annoyed.

"You're always so rude to everyone," Sunny stated.  "And you're so pessimistic.  And all you ever seem to talk about is Aiden!"  The two of them were in Sunny's room, which was bright and cheerful and a bit painful to look at occasionally because of some of the brighter yellows.  

"I--I do not!" argued Juliet, a blush creeping its way onto her cheeks.  She folded her arms across her chest stubbornly, her blue eyes looking like a stormy sky and her ginger hair looking like a lion's mane.  Sunny thought she needed a hairbrush today (Juliet's hair was usually much more neat) but wasn't in the mood to point it out.

"Really?" asked Sunny sarcastically, which was very out of character for her.  Then she sighed, her angelic face looking older than it should've, considering that Sunny was only ten.  It was kind of odd that the girls had a three year age difference and were still best friends, but they were Rainbow Colors, so it didn't matter.  "I'm sorry for getting mad at you, Julie, but you really need to work on your attitude."

"I do?" asked Juliet.  Clearly the thought hadn't occured to her before.  She considered it for a minute.  "Maybe you're right," she admitted sheepishly.  "Sometimes I get a bit crazy."

"Yeah, ya do," Sunny agreed.  Juliet glared at her.  "Sorry."  Sunny shrugged.  "By the way, you might want to brush your hair a little bit."

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I hope you are planning on

I hope you are planning on posting more because I am really interested. And btw I don't think that it's weird to be friends with someone three years younger than you. At least it shouldn't be. cheeky

"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." - Shakespeare

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