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Colors: Chapter Twelve

Colors: Chapter Twelve

Posted August 10th, 2017 by FrostBittenKitten

by Luna {semi-hiatus}
in The heights

Jeff was all alone was shrouded in darkness.  The shadows had come for him.  He knew the risks of working with them, and he knew what they would do should he fail like he had in the Rainbow Courtyard.  But at the time, he'd had no choice.  He remembered that day well.

It was a cold November evening, and the boy pulled his ratty blanket tighter around himself to keep out the chill.  He was merely a beggar, no more than a Color that could barely be considered Orange, and without a home or family.  Another kid named Jeff lived near here, by himself.  He kept to himself and no one really knew much about him.  No one even knew his actual Color.  

The boy watched enviously as people came and went with their friends and families, laughing and joking merrily, largely ignoring him.  A few kind people were nice enough to throw him some coins or hand him a piece of food, but many did not take pity on the small boy.  All alone, the boy began to cry, his nose running and going into his mouth in a disgusting goop.  In the midst of his tears, the boy heard footsteps approaching him.  He looked up.  A man stood over him, pale as a ghost and with a shock of white hair.  His eyes were red, like cherries, the boy noted.  

"Are you going to give me some food?" the boy wondered hopefully as his stomach growled, yearning for the food he could not afford.  

"No," said the man.  His voice was a rumbling bass, which surprised the boy considering the man's small, lithe frame and odd appearance.  Or, at least, the boy found his appearnace unusual.  "I can give you so much more."  The boy was curious now.  More than food?

"A house?  A family?" asked the boy, daring to hope that maybe this man meant to adopt him or something.

"No, but you can be a Rainbow Color and have the rest of them be your family," the man replied.  "Imagine; lavish rooms, exquisite meals, plenty of company when you want it and isolation when you want it; everything you could ever ask for."  The boy's eyes gleamed, fantasizing about it.

"How?" he asked.

"All you have to do is follow me," the man said.  "Will you?"  The boy nodded, it was simple enough.  The man began to walk, and the boy followed him.  Out of the Kingdom of Orange, out of the kingdoms entirely, and then out of the Rainbow Realm.  It seemed to go on forever.  Then the man used some strange incantation and they were away from the Rainbow Realm, into an entirely different realm, the Shadow Realm, though the boy did not know that yet.

"Where are we?" he asked, shivering.

"Here," said the man simply.

As they stood there, waiting for something, a girl, not too much older than the boy himself, ran over to them.  "Giselle?" squeaked the man with the white hair.

The girl, Giselle, was pretty and striking and looked a lot like the man.  She was petite with pale skin, ivory hair, and deep red eyes as well.  "Don't do it!" she pleaded the boy.  He looked at her, shocked.  What was she talking about?  Giselle then turned to the man.  "Please stop!  Don't make him do it!" she begged.  The man sighed.

"I wish I could," he replied.  Then the boy felt a new presence--cold, and menacing.  "Run," he whispered to the girl, who took off running, and chanted something at the top of a nearby hill.  She looked back through the darkness, and a single tear could be seen running down her cheek.  Then she was gone.

"What was that about?" asked the boy.  "What's going on?"  A deep, rumbling chuckle answered him.  The boy turned to see a dark shape emerging from...somewhere.  It looked powerful and made the boy frightened.  It said something to the man in a strange language and the man nodded.  The boy, having had no education, didn't have the faintest idea that it was Jiaisi'de, the language of shadows.

Then the thing spoke to the boy in his own language.  Do you want to be a Rainbow Color? it rasped. 

"Yes," said the boy.  "I just want to not be out on the streets alone anymore."  He started to cry again.

How weak this one is, muttered the shadow.  Then, to the boy it said, All you have to do to become a Rainbow Color and replace John, who is getting old anyway, is to kill the boy named Jeff, and I will do the rest.  You will take his place.  And you will become a Rainbow Color.

The boy was apalled.  "I have to kill him?" he asked.  "Isn't that a bit rash?"

Kill him, growled the shadow.  Or suffer.  Suddenly the boy felt an intense pain in his temple.

"Okay, okay," he said grudgingly.  "I'll do it."

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