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Colors: REWRITE: Chapter One

Colors: REWRITE: Chapter One

Posted January 1st, 2019 by FrostBittenKitten

by starlight (luna)
in The heights

Chapter One

There had been a time when the Rainbow Council had gotten along.  Back before the war with the Shadows, the secret race that been exiled long before.  Though their true name was Grisi, it was rare to hear someone say it.  Everyone, no matter how bold or how unwilling to admit it, was afraid of the Grisi, and only the most bold ever spoke it.  

“That Grisi!” snapped Iris, angrily, after Julianne and Cole had left the room.  “Why does she always have to pick fights with the other members of the Rainbow Council?”  She crossed her arms in front of her chest, a pouty look on her face, which didn’t do her any favors in the age department.  Iris was the youngest and most inexperienced of the seven Rainbow Council members, and was constantly reminding the others of it from outbursts like this.  Unlike most of the others, she had inherited her place in the Council (and the Indigo throne) only recently after the murder of her parents and older brother.  She craved revenge, and with every movement made it clear to the others.

“That’s very rude, you know,” Lila replied with an eye roll.  She was practically the opposite of Iris, with her calm demeanor and obvious authority.  She was also several years older; twenty-three as opposed to Iris’s sixteen. “Julianne may pick fights with Cole, but she is no Grisi.  As a member of the Rainbow Council, you should know not to say such things.”  Lila’s lips pursed, her annoyance looking much more mature and justified than Iris’s ever had.  Even Lila’s long, chocolate locks flowed regally down her back, making her look every inch a queen.

“But poor Iris is just joining the Council, how could she be expected to know?” Amber asked, nearly taunting her.  He loved to rub it in that Iris didn’t know what she was doing. He looked very short compared to Lila’s tall and graceful build, but elegant nonetheless.  His pointy ears stuck out of his curly dark hair, which was a few shades darker brown than his skin. He was the most glitzy of the seven members, sparkling like the sun he so loved.  Light elves were a headache, in Iris’s opinion.

Scarlet chuckled, a husky sound.  “She clearly doesn’t know,” she agreed with Amber.  Didn’t anyone care her parents and brother had obviously been murdered?  Where was their compassion and empathy? Iris huffed indignantly, trying not to cry.  How had the Rainbow Council become so vicious? The obvious answer was the Grisi, but they had been gone for nearly five-hundred years now.  Was the Council really so splintered it was a battleground of words now?

Iris glanced at Beck, her only possibly ally in this room, trying to make eye contact.  He, in turn, avoided her gaze. He would be no help today. Ever since she had suggested that maybe his father’s murder and her family’s murder had been some kind of conspiracy, Beck had avoided her like the Grisi.  He had claimed she sounded crazy, but Iris knew he just didn’t want to face the possibility that someone was trying to undermine the Council.  And besides, while Iris may be the youngest, Beck was only a year older than her. He looked like he was trying to disappear into his chair at this very moment, but his compact satyr build was easy to see, thwarting any chance he might have had at camouflaging.  

“I’m sorry then,” Iris growled at last.  “There. Happy?” The others merely smirked, except for Beck, who looked like he wanted to leave.  

“That’s a start,” Lila acknowledged with a graceful nod.  “I do believe we can make a Council member of you yet.” Iris wanted to believe that Lila meant what she said, but the condescending undertone of the statement was clear.

“To say nothing of her job as Queen of Indigo so far,” snorted Amber, looking amused.  Lila and Scarlet both tittered, laughing as queenly as possible, which further infuriated Iris.

“Why did we meet here in the first place?” Iris demanded, her temper getting the best of her.  “I can’t remember with all of the trite comments.”

“Like yours about Julianne being Grisi,” Amber just had to add, a mischievous gleam in his eyes.  Iris glowered.

“To discuss what we are going to tell your kingdom, obviously,” Scarlet said with a long-suffering sigh, as if Iris should know this by now.  “We can’t just say your family was killed. We don’t even know for sure that’s what happened.”

“But they were!” Iris screeched.  The others took her outburst with a fair amount of apathy.

“You can’t just around saying everyone who is gone was murdered,” Beck mumbled.  He had a tendency to mumble, as he wasn’t much of a public speaker (not the best trait for a king).  

“But the Ring of Green appeared on your finger, marking you as the king!” Iris argued, her eyes gleaming zealously.

“I was set to become king in a matter of weeks, anyway,” Beck said quietly.  “The age of ascendence in Green is seventeen.”


“Enough!” thundered Lila.  “We have heard enough of your bickering, Iris!  Leave now before I decide that I cannot tolerate you as a ruler, either.”

“Was that a threat?” Iris asked, at once both terrified and outraged.  The runes written on her wrists began to glow with magic, as they often did when she was bracing herself to fight.  As a witch, her hand-to-hand was not great, but her magic had usually managed to get her out of trouble.

“Get.  Out.” Lila uttered, her glare as cutting as ice.  The scars so prevalent on her body were like a badge of honor for her, and Iris knew that she wouldn’t hesitate to fight again.  Julianne may the one constantly picking fights, but Lila probably fought more often, just to improve her already amazing skills.

Iris cast one last angry look around the room, noting how amused Amber looked (as usual) with indignance, and stalked out.  Fine. If they were going to act like that, then she was just going to do whatever she wanted. They weren’t going to stop her.


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I'm so here for this!!!

I'm so here for this!!!

Posted by echo (*Jill*) on Tue, 01/01/2019 - 20:45
Thank you!!   Please read:
Posted by starlight (luna) on Tue, 01/01/2019 - 22:24
I am PSYCHED, you have no

I am PSYCHED, you have no idea how excited this makes me. I don't remember much about the original chapters, but I remember I loved them, and I'm sure this will be no different!

Posted by Norah on Wed, 01/02/2019 - 23:29
aw thanks!!   Please read:
Posted by starlight (luna) on Thu, 01/03/2019 - 16:17

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