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Comeing soon.. Monster

Comeing soon.. Monster

Posted July 13th, 2019 by mischief

by Cherith
in In the woods. Getting in trouble with ritzy people

Coming soon....Monster

                                         &Lilly '' Well done Lilly Rose.'' Tracker crossed two heavy arms infront of a wide chest. He darwfed the room. Doing this at 6'8 it wasn't hard to do I suppose. A smirk slowly speard across his face, seperating his thick blond beard. T.J. stiffened, his eyes bigger then real life. The starving, , look on his face switched to utter horror. Something like pain shot a spear into my chest. I stalked over to Tracker, like a tigeress claiming her own. When I reached the hunk of a man I titlted my head and ran a tounge over my swollen lip. His dark green eyes caught the movement instantly. Lust crept into them. '' You promised.'' nbsp;                     

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