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Coming out! (Again)

Coming out! (Again)

Posted November 18th, 2021 by Not_Jello

by Mike
in No

I was formerly Tristan! Now I'm Neo. (NOBODY MENTION THE MATRIX I SWEAR TO GOD-) Now my pronouns are they/them and I'm agender. I also go to this christian organisation called Girls Brigade, in hopes it shall make me cishet. Yeah, no that's not working. I'm omniromantic and demisexual.

Okay have a nice day I might delete this-

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i looked it up, and it looks

i looked it up, and it looks a lil scary.... 


--------------------------------- Forever & Always, Jordi

Posted by Jordi on Thu, 11/18/2021 - 11:12
Looked what up?

Looked what up?

Posted by Neo on Fri, 11/19/2021 - 04:10

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