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Corrupted Criminals: (Chapter 23)

Corrupted Criminals: (Chapter 23)

Posted January 3rd, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Hello everyone, sorry I tok so long. I went on vacation and didn't have the time, but it's finally here! The next chapter! Enjoy!


Chapter 23:


“Forget about it, Tuff.” I hear Kalse say through the walkie-talkie as I rode my motorbike, “Patrick says there has been a change in plans.”

“What change in plans?” I asked as I continued riding.

“We’ve got to get out of here. We need to go with all the other civilians.” Kalse replies.

“Can you please let me know what is going on?” I ask, “I have no idea what the reason we are now hiding with the civilians.”

“Everyone is! Even the FBI! Forget about your dad, get back here! Come back to us!” Kalse says.

“I’m not stopping until I find my dad, Kalse. No one is gonna stop me.” I say, before turning off the walkie-talkie.

Ignoring Kalse, I continued my way.


“He’s not coming back.” Kalse says.

“What?! How come!?” Patrick snaps.

Kalse was standing with Agent Patrick at the entrance to the area where everyone was entering to stay safe.

“He won’t give up on his father.” Kalse explains as civilians passed by.

“Doesn’t he know what his ‘father’ is!? He’s with the criminals! Everyone who is not a criminal will go underground where we are doing all we can to keep everyone safe!” Patrick snaps.

“No worries, Patrick.” Kalse says, “I’ll go find him and bring him here.”
“You better get back here. I want to see you here in an hour, got that?” Patrick says.

“Yep, got it.” Kalse replied before running off into the crowd.

He kept on running, passing by many people who were going the opposite direction. There were some FBI agents and officers shouting to the people, telling them where to go and that everything would be ‘okay’.

Kalse then closed his eyes for awhile.

“That way!” he then thought to himself before running off again.

Soon, he had exited the crowd, and was stopped by an officer.

“Hey, young man! You should be going towards safety!” the officer yelled.

“I need to go. I have someone to get to, I have the permission from Agent Patrick, FBI Agent.” Kalse says. “Plus I’ve got a walkie-talkie so I have contact to all FBI agents.”

The officers eyes widened, and he stammered for awhile.

“Y-you may go then.” the officer said as Kalse smirked.

Kalse then started running again. He ran across the empty road. The streets were dark, and the streetlights were either shattered or dim.

“I am going to add onto my mission.” Kalse thought to himself as he ran, “I will not only get Tuff, but also Draco, Zoran, and Winter. Miyo should have came with me, but she is unconscious in the safe area with the others.”

Kalse takes a turn into a dark alley and kept running.

“I know where he is. Tuff. I know where you are. I’ve always known, I can somehow sense you.” Kalse thought, “I am coming. I will find you and then we will find Draco, Zoran, and Winter.”

Then, Kalse stops to take some breathes as he looked across the road. He spotted someone.

It was a dark shadow of a man. Kalse knew the man was coming closer, and was going to see him, but he didn’t care. He walked straight towards the man.

Soon, the man was in his sight. The man wore a black jacket, with a gray shirt and some gray pants. He had black hair and shoes, and was tall and looked tough.

“Wait a minute…” the man says when he spots Kalse, “well it looks like there is a kid alone in the streets!”

Then another man pops out from the side.

“Really?” the man asked.

This man had blond hair, and wore stuff that gangsters wore, he even had a necklace.

“What are we gonna do with this kid?” the man with black hair asks.

“Kill em’ of course!” the blond haired man replied, taking out his gun, “or do you have something else in mind?”

Kalse looked over at the men, and he realized that the black haired one looked slightly familiar.

“Wait a minute…” Kalse thought, “this man… He looks like Tuff!”

Then it came to Kalse that this was Tuff’s father.

“No wonder he felt similar to him.”

Then, the three of them heard the sound of a motor. The motor of a motorbike that is!

Kalse turned and spotted the person he was looking for getting off of the motorbike… Tuff.

“Tuff!” Kalse exclaims.

“K-kalse?” Tuff replied, stammering as his eyes widened at the sight of Kalse.

“Wait a minute… Did you say Tuff?” the man with black hair asks.

“Yeah, I said Tuff. Tuff is this guy right here.” Kalse says, smirking.

“Tuff? Is that really you?” the man with black hair asks.

“Yes, it’s me.” Tuff replies.

The man with blond hair elbowed the man with black hair.

“What the heck is going on, Basalt?” The man with blond hair asks with an annoyed voice.

“M-my son…” Basalt, the man with black hair, replies.

“Your son!?” the man with blond hair asks in a surprised tone, “no wonder he looks ugly!”

“What did you say!?” Tuff yells.

He then threw the GPS device at the guy with blond hair, hitting him in the face as the device beeped loudly.

“Grr!” the man with blond hair growls, “you’ll pay for that!”

The man tries to punch Tuff, but was knocked back towards a wall by Basalt.

“You are not touching my son!” Basalt barks as he then picks up the man, and threw him at the wall.

Unexpectedly, the man broke through the wall, and dust filled the air!

“Um… Tuff’s dad?” Kalse then asks.

“What?” Basalt asks back.

Kalse looks over at Tuff.

“I’m gonna have to take Tuff with me somewhere.” Kalse says before giving Tuff a friendly elbow, “isn’t that right, Tuff?”

Tuff nods without saying anything.

“I’m coming with you then,” Basalt says, “Tuff is my son, and he disappeared from my life. I have found him, I am coming, got that?”

“Sure, Tuff’ll be glad to have you around anyway,” Kalse says, “now there are some other people we need to get.”

Kalse turns around, and starts looking around the city.

“We are going to now find Zoran.” Kalse says, “the three of us will that is.”



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