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Posted March 4th, 2013 by ARandomWriter

by Harry
in Victoria



A/N: I haven't posted anything in ages due to internet problems sorry. Also, Zev's name has been changed to Xavier. Don't ask why.


Chapter 4- Ger


A cool breeze whipped through Dorian’s head as he strode purposefully across the sandy desert, Hemer merely a speck in the distance behind him. Xavier walked with Dorian, but Sagus was nowhere to be seen. It was nearing midday and the breeze was the only slight relief from the unrelenting heat.

“Can’t be far now,” Xavier muttered.

Dorian nodded, deciding not to reply in speech. It would only drain more energy and leave his mouth dry. He didn’t want to drink too much, he would need his water for the return trip, and perhaps even to wash Ger’s blood of his clothes.

Then they saw it. It was tall structure, and could be seen from a distance. The walls were made of solid stone, and there was a short fence around the outside of the castle.

Xavier and Dorian approached it, and within minutes they were standing in front of the fence. There was a small opening in it that was guarded by a huge brute with an enormous beard.

“What brings you here?” Beard asked, a slightly menacing note in his voice.

“We wish to speak with Ger about some unfinished business,” Xavier replied smoothly.

Beard nodded.

“Head inside,” he said, stepping aside to let them past, “but don’t try anything funny, or else you will pay the price.”

Dorian nodded curtly and strode briskly past Beard with Xavier at his side. When they were well out of earshot, Beard turned to a cloaked figure standing hidden in the shadows. On the cloak’s shoulder was the emblem of Lord Drasen.

“Was that the one Ormaan was talking about?” Beard asked.

“Indeed,” the cloaked man said, “I shall tell the guards to prepare.”


Dorian was guided through seemingly endless winding corridors, all ridiculously high. Giant and intricate paintings hung from the walls, and a beautiful red carpet lined the long walkways.

Then, Dorian’s guide opened a huge double door to reveal a chamber. Red carpet ran down the middle, towards a throne, though Ger was no King. More paintings hung from the walls, the ominous faces of the portraits glaring at Dorian and Xavier.

A man lounged in the throne, sipping from a glass of wine. He stood up and spread his arms out. He wore a stunning robe with golden embroidery, and a crown was placed on his head.

“Welcome!” he shouted, “welcome to my home!”

“Ger,” Dorian whispered too quietly for even Xavier to hear.

“And what is your name?” Ger queried, looking directly at Dorian.

“My name is Dorian,” he replied, his face set in determination as he slowly made his way across the hall.

“But of course it is!” Ger shouted, a broad smile across his face. “You know, Dorian, when I’m here, in my castle, I like to live like a King, quite literally.” His smile slowly receded and a new one spread across his face. It was cold and fake.

Dorian’s eyebrows narrowed, but he didn’t stop walking.

“You see, the things about King’s is that they are respected, even if they aren’t liked. Bad things happen to the people that cross them. You see, King’s are warned of danger.”

Dorian slightly faltered, and he heard the doors slam shut behind him.

Dorian and Xavier spun around to see a cloaked figure standing in front of a dozen guards, all carrying an assortment of sinister looking weapons.

“I have been warned you were coming, Dorian,” Ger boomed, “and bad things are going to happen to you and your friend.”

Dorian unsheathed his sword and held it at the ready, and Xavier drew out a deadly double sided sword.

“You cannot win,” Ger laughed, “you will fall to my warriors!”

The cloaked ranger pulled back his loaded bow. It was aimed directly at Dorian’s head. There was no way the shot would miss. Dorian’s heart was pounding in his chest. His palms were dripping with sweat.

Then, with a sudden and immediate jerk, the ranger’s aim changed completely and he let the arrow fly. It whizzed through the air and sliced the expensive string holding up one of the huge paintings. Dorian’s head turned back to the cloaked ranger, to se him roll away from the group of warriors, just as the sliced painting came crashing down on them with a deafening boom. Dorian and Xavier watched as four of them were crushed under the painting. The other eight scrambled to their feet frantically.

The ranger fired two arrows into another’s chest, both perfect hits, and his hood fell backwards to reveal his face. The face of Sagus.

Dorian couldn’t help but smile as he charged towards the confused guards. Three of them had broken off and were approaching Sagus using a shield wall to block his arrows.

Sagus sprinted towards the sub group with a fire in his eyes, his footsteps echoing loudly in the hall. He leaped into the air, soaring at an amazing height, and landed straight on top of the middle guards shield. The guard toppled over and went skidding across the floor. As he got to his feet, Sagus slammed his bow into the front of another guards neck, crushing his throat. The other guard swung her blade at Sagus, but he skillfully ducked, and it whizzed over his head.

Sagus rose up, and slammed his fist into the bottom of her jaw as he did so, and the guard fell backwards. Sagus leaped on top of her and brought an arrow into her eye, killing her instantly. The final guard that Sagus had knocked over earlier had gotten up again, and he was charging Sagus with his shield in front of him. His shield connected with Sagus, sending the ranger sailing backwards, but he flipped in midair and landed on his feet, although his bow fell to the ground.

The guard looked in amazement at Sagus as he jabbed his spear forward, and Sagus brought his elbow into the wooden shaft of the spear, knocking it out of the guard’s hands. Sagus bent down and picked it up in an instant, before it had even touched the ground, and flipped it around to face the guard, who had raised his shield in terror again.

Sagus lunged towards the guard and knocked his shield aside, before thrusting the spear through the guard’s stomach. He gasped and toppled backwards.

Dorian and Xavier ended their charge, and met the remaining guards with a flurry of steel and rage. Two spearmen stood in front of the five guards, getting ready to take down Xavier and Dorian.

Xavier took the spearman going for him on with a swing of his long sword, slicing the spear in half, leaving the guard with nothing but a broken stick. In an instant, Xavier swung the other half of his sword around, and brutally decapitated him.

Dorian ran straight at the spearmen without faltering, his face set in determination. Then, at the last moment, he dropped down and used his momentum to slide underneath the spear, and thrust his sword through the guard’s thigh. He screamed and fell down, dropping his spear. Dorian stood up and put his blade through the guard’s chest, silencing him.

Another guard ran at Dorian, swinging a small axe wildly, a mixture of rage and terror causing his adrenaline. He lifted the axe to chest height on his left side and swung with both hands. Dorian leaped to the right, and rolled, getting back onto his feet as the axe sailed past him. The guard swung again, and Dorian parried the axe with his sword. The two weapons locked, each of the men pushing with all their strength to knock down the other’s weapon.

The guards face was red, and beads of sweat trickled down his forehead. Dorian’s arm muscles bulged with the strain. His jaw was locked, and his eyes bore into the guard. The latter faltered, and Dorian, pushed down, then briskly brought his blade up, killing the guard with a spray of blood.

Dorian turned to see Xavier finish off another guard that had attacked him, leaving only one enemy to face. Dorian and Xavier turned to face their final opponent just as Sagus was finishing the last of the three that had attacked him.

The final guard was backing away from Dorian and Xavier as hastily as he could, he face the definition of terror. The two men he was running away from were slowly walking towards him. Suddenly, an arrow thudded into his forehead and he fell forewords.

Ger was standing up, surveying the scene in horror. His perfect white floors were covered in the blood of his guards, and their twisted bodies lay scattered.

Ger shakily held a sword out.

“No,” he whispered, “this can’t be happening!”

The three companions walked menacingly towards Ger. He was cornered, and he was scared. They didn’t slow their pace, didn’t change their expressions.

Suddenly, a loud crash echoed around the room as the door was flung open to reveal Beard with four more guards in his stead.

The three looked at each other.

“I take care of Ger,” Dorian growled, “you two hold them back.”

Sagus and Xavier both nodded in agreement, and turned back to face the newcomers.

Dorian continued walking towards Ger, who now seemed far more confident. He obviously had faith in Beard.

Something whizzed past Dorian, scratching his ear. He yelled out in pain realizing the object was an arrow. The new guards were archers!

Dorian spun in horror. He saw that one of the four new guards was already dead, and Sagus shot an arrow into another’s chest. Then the unthinkable happened. An enemy arrow hit Sagus in the side of his stomach.

He was silent as he clutched his eyes, and fell to his knees. He was silent as he toppled forwards and lay on his side, a small pool of blood forming around him.

“Sagus!” Xavier yelled, “SAGUS!”

Xavier let out a roar of utter fury and charged straight at the archer that had fired the shot. His swung his sword over and over, cutting the archer to ribbons, then did the same to the other. He turned to face Beard.

Beard snarled, his upper lip curling, and his lifted his enormous war hammer with relative ease.

“You made a mistake coming here,” Beard roared, “you may have put a dent in our guard, but you will die! And I will watch as your limp body crumples to the ground with your pathetic skull smashed in. I will laugh because I will know that I am victorious. I am unstoppable, and I will destroy you!”

I a single, heart stopping moment, Beard raised his weapon high and began to bring it down, while Xavier leaped through the air with his sword paused, ready to stab Beard. Time seemed to stop as the two began their strikes.

Beard’s war hammer came down slowly and in a huge powerful stroke, but Xavier had speed as an advantage. He reached Beard before Beard reached him, and one side of Xavier’s sword pierced Beard’s stomach, bursting out the other end with a spray of blood. The war hammer clattered to the ground before it had struck Xavier, and Beard’s facial expression was of confusion as he sank to the ground.

“That was for Sagus,” Xavier muttered.

Seeing Beard fall, Ger dropped his sword and held his hands up in defeat.

“I surrender!” he whimpered, “please don’t kill me!”

“Very well,” Dorian said, “but I need some answers.”

In the corner of his eye, Dorian could see Xavier running towards Sagus’ body.

“You had a visitor not long ago,” Dorian snarled, anger prominent in his voice, “he was an assassin working for The Crusader!”

“You mean the sorcerer?” Ger whimpered softly.

Dorian nodded in response.

“H needed money to … to pay for his travels.”

“And you gave it to him?” Dorian asked, his eyes hard and cold.

“He worked for The Crusader!” Ger exclaimed in fright, “what else was I supposed to do?”

Dorian hit him across the face, and Ger toppled over.

“You disgust me,” Dorian spat.

Ger looked up at him, his face quivering.

“Where did he go?” Dorian shouted.

“I don’t know!” Ger said, tears running down his cheeks, “I don’t know!”

Dorian picked Ger up by his expensive collar.

“WHERE DID HE GO?” Dorian roared, his spittle flying into Ger’s face.

“I swear on the gods, I don’t know,” sobbed Ger, “I didn’t ask him, and he didn’t tell me!”

Dorian dropped Ger and he sprawled across the ground. Dorian shook like thunder and swung his sword in frustration, cutting the throne in half. He swung at the wrecked seat over and over, tearing it to shreds. He’d come so close, only to lose the trail. There would be no vengeance for his parents.

A single tear of anger and frustration rolled down Dorian’s left cheek. He turned back to Ger.

“I don’t ever want to see you again,” Dorian whispered, “and if you do so much as steal a grain of rice, I will seek you out, and I will not be so merciful.”

“Thank you,” Ger whispered, “thank you so much!”

“Get out of my sight,” Dorian muttered with a scowl.

“You’re letting him go!” Xavier shouted, striding towards Dorian, “you’re letting him go after everything he’s done!”

“I’m not just going to kill him!” Dorian shouted back, “there’s been enough blood spilled here today!”

“You won’t kill him because you’re scared!” Xavier snarled, “you’re scared and you’re weak! Sagus misjudged you! You are no warrior! You don’t even have what it takes to kill a man in cold blood!”

Xavier drew his sword and changed his course so he was walking towards Ger. He twirled the blade menacingly.

“Allow me to do what you can’t!”

Ger screamed as Xavier raised the sword above his head.

“Xavier!” a voice croaked weakly.

Xavier faltered, and turned his head to the source of the noise. Sagus, weak and crippled, lying in a pool of his own blood.

“Sagus?” he whispered.

“A true warrior,” he gasped, his voice echoing eerily in the hall, “knows when to have mercy.”

Xavier shuddered, and sheathed his blade. All the traces of anger receded from his face, replaced merely by sadness. He breathed heavily as he turned away from Ger, who scrambled out of the room. Dorian heard his footsteps recede as he fled.

Xavier ran to Sagus and fell to his knees, holding the injured man like a brother. Dorian slowly walked towards the two men.

Sagus tried to say something, but only a gasp came out.

“We need to get you back,” Xavier whispered, lifting Sagus up with great strain, “we’re going to get to get you back.”

He and Dorian left the room, leaving the bodies of the dead unburied, and began the journey back to Hemer.


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OMPJ Harry! I don't think

OMPJ Harry! I don't think you know me, but I'm Arin. XD I was a silent follower of Kyle Richmond. I love this! Wow!

Posted by Arin on Mon, 03/04/2013 - 23:32
Thank you very much! I

Thank you very much! I really appreciate you reading Kyle Richmond, as well as this. Your comment means a lot to me, as it is the first one since the prolougue. :D :D


Posted by Harry on Tue, 03/05/2013 - 02:03
Another great chapter! :)

Another great chapter! :)

Posted by A Writer :D on Sun, 04/07/2013 - 11:49
Oh my globshonkerz!!!!!!

Oh my globshonkerz!!!!!! THAT WAS AWESOME!!! I love the battle scene, and the part about a true hero knows when to have mercy, BURN



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Haha, thanks so much! :D I

Haha, thanks so much! :D I appeciate all your comments. :P

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Posted by Crusader (Harry) on Mon, 04/08/2013 - 18:46
I liked it, but I thought it

I liked it, but I thought it was a bit too violent for the main character. You want them to root for Dorian, Sagus and Xavier, and when they're brutally killing innocent guards without mercy, it kind of feels like they're just like the Crusader, cold and heartless. I mean, what if the guards had children? What would happen then?

I love The Crusader, I just think that Dorian is selfish, killing other innocent people just so he can get back at his parent's killer.


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Posted by Isabel on Sat, 05/11/2013 - 13:11
I see your point, that is

I see your point, that is why I had Dorian spare Ger at the end, and Sagus' line about mercy. Yeah, the guards could have had children and such, but they still weren't entirely innocent. They were serving a corrupt, evil leader and were prepared to kill three people who had never done anything wrong by them.

I dunno, guess its kinda a two way street. Dorian is the sort of Character who is prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed, even if that means killing people who may not fully deserve it. Think of him as James Bond.

Anyway, thanks for the comment! :D

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